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  • Brad Foulkes, 55lb 8oz, Tea Party, 05.05.18
  • Mark Gould, 44lb 4oz, Billy's, 05.05.18
  • Another Road Lake PB soaking
  • Brad Foulkes, 44lb 12oz, Tea Party, 05.05.18
  • Matt Gould, 44lb, Billy's, 05.05.18
  • Traps are set
  • Eric Cranston, 51lb, Shingles,  05.05.18
  • Bradley Foulkes, 46lb 12oz, Tea Party, 05.05.18
  • What better sight !!!!!!!
  • Stef Rodowicz, 50lb, Turtle Corner, 05.05.18
  • Got to love a new PB
  • Eric Cranston, 51lb 4oz, Shingles, 05.05.18
  • Check out those scales
  • Stunning sunset

Brad Foulkes, 55lb 8oz, Tea Party, 05.05.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/05/2018


It’s been another busy week on the Road Lake and the fish are on the feed the weather is becoming more consistent and the air pressure is staying around 1015 making the fishing conditions near perfect.

Stefan Rodowicz 

Was 5th out of the draw and with Turtles Corner still up for grabs it was a no brainer. Stef fished two of his rods at 22 wraps at the island and his third rod at 17.5 wraps to the margin he opted for Ronnie rigs on the two rods fished to open water and an I-QD rig on the margin spot all three were tipped with 16mm pineapple pop-ups bating up with 12kg of maize with a mix of Royal Marine and Atlantic Heat boillies using both the spomb and throwing stick. Stef managed to bag himself 38 fish in total for the week including Mable at 50lb and Broken Tale at 43.14lb he backed this up with 10x 30s 16x 20s and 10 doubles.

Eric Cranston 

Fished Shingles with two rods at 16 wraps towards the island and one at 9 wraps towards the Poo at the start of the week but with the majority of fish showing on his 16 wrap spot he moved all three over. Eric’s rig of choice was The Ronnie rig with a size 4 Kurv shank tipped with two 12mm pineapple buteric pop-ups soaked in Esterberry and Spodded over this with around 5kg of maize and hemp plus 8kg of mixed Royal Marine and Krill boillie his first fish of the week was Hansen at 51lb he followed this up with two 30s and two mid doubles by Thursday then he bagged himself his second 50 of the week with Ron’s at 51.4lb after following the advice given by Baliff james on the walk around and sticking to it his perseverance payed off.

Bradley Foulkes 

Fished Tea Party 1 Bradley fished two rods at 22 wraps towards Turtles and his third rod at 23 wraps to the Corner all three rods were fished with The Ronnie rig tipped 12mm white pop-ups with 5-10kg of maize and chopped boillies over both spots each day topping it up with 10 spombs after each fish. Bradley managed 15 fish in total for the week including Amstel at 55lb , Baldric at 46.12lb , Eye Q at 44.14lb and a 45.6lb mirror he backed this up with 1 x 30, 8 x 20s and 2 doubles.

Stephen Hurst

Fished in decoy and decided to fish 1 rod at 16 wraps towards the bund, with 2 straight in front towards the bar at 17/18 wraps, Stephen baited with 10kg of maize/boillie mix on the first day, then topped it up with 5kg of the same mix everyday. Stephens choice of rigs were the IQD-rig and hinge rigs, using Royal marine hookbaits. This produced a 24.4 mirror on the Wednesday followed by 2 commons of 20lb on Friday.

Matt Goold

Matt fished in Billies and the right margin was the area of choice, fishing staggered at 16,17 and 20 wraps. Matt baited up daily with 5kg of maize whilst also introducing 20kg of Royal Marine boilies over the course of the week. Matt decided to fish d rigs using cell wafters as his hookbait, this accounted for 6 fish throughout the week with the pick of the bunch being Keef at 44lb, this was backed up by a 30lb common and 4 x 20’s

Colin Hayes 

Colin started in beach where the fish were not visiting so he decided to upsticks and move to double boards, the move paid off and he managed a common of 28lb on the Thursday. Colin used Ronnie Rigs with a 10mm pineapple pop up, baiting with 3kg of Royal Marine 18mm mixed with maize. The fish was caught at 10 wraps towards the poo

Mark Gould

Mark found himself fishing in the poo, fishing at 16 wraps towards the right side of shingles, using a maize and royal marine combination delivered by spomb he managed to land 4 fish, Stubby at 44lb 4oz was the largest landed, with 2 mirrors at 34lb 8, 31lb 8 and another mirror at 29lb on the nose 


James a great help throughout the week (listen to his advice)

Food bang on as always. 

See you next year…. Bradley Foulks

What a fantastic week and a great group can’t wait to see you all again.

Baliff James.