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  • Nicky Harris, 54lb, Tea Party, 28.04.18
  • Max Whitehall, 39lb, Turtle Corner, 28.04.18
  • Dan Harris, 41lb 4oz, Tea Party, 28.04.18
  • The fish are loving the particle mix
  • Max Whitehall, 41lb, Turtle Corner, 28.04.18
  • Dan Harris, 42lb 8oz, Tea Party, 28.04.18
  • Bite time just before last light
  • Nicky Harris, 44lb, Tea Party, 28.04.18
  • Dan Harris, 47lb 8oz, Tea Party, 28.04.18
  • Another fish slips over the net for Max
  • Antony Lune, 28lb 8oz, Shingles, 28.4.18
  • The bait doing the business for Max
  • Max Whitehall, 40lb 8oz, Turtle Corner, 28.4.18
  • Max whitehall, 49lb, Turtle Corner, 28.04.18
  • Max Whitehall, 48lb, Turtle Corner, 28.4.18
  • You have to love a good PB soaking. Well done Nicky Harris
  • Ed Fitzpatrick, 39lb, The Poo, 28.04.18
  • This rig is working a treat on the Road Lake for Max
  • Ed Fitzpatrick, 35lb 4oz, The Poo, 28.04.18
  • Max Whitehall, 41lb, Turtle Corner, 28.04.18
  • Well done guys, what a fantastic week

Nicky Harris, 54lb, Tea Party, 28.04.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/04/2018


What a week we have had on the Road Lake with a new 50 and 10 x 40s and a new Top rod record with a massive 72 fish from one swim with three anglers going home with new PB’s we had 115 fish total for the week. The weather is certainly warming up with daytime temperatures in the high 20s it’s starting to feel like summer.

Max Whitehall fishing Turtles Corner had the session of a lifetime with the fish on him from the start Max worked the swim like a pro keeping the bait going in and getting a feeding frenzy going using every baiting approach from spodding up to 60kg of particle and 30kg of Sticky Krill boillie with the throwing stick to baiting from the bank the fish were stacked up in large numbers. Max was using the Ronnie rig and a snowman rig switching between Sticky krill white and pink pop ups and pineapple + N Butyric pop ups. The first rod was fished at 16 wraps to the margin for the first half of the week until the margin bites slowed and the fish moved more into open water  where his second rod was placed at 21 wraps and already producing consistent bites the third rod was placed three rod length to the right of this. Max had a massive 72 fish for the week a new lake record including 5 x 40s with Swaleys mirror at 41lb, Snooky at 41lb, Mr massive at 48lb, Bomber At 40.8oz and a new PB with The Hammer at 49lb he followed this up with 15 x 30s to 39lb, 32 x20s to 28lb and 20 x doubles.

Nicky Harris fished Tea Party 1 managed 11 fish over the week Nicky was fishing all three rods at 19.5 wraps towards Turtles corner and his choice of rig was the Ronnie rig tipped with yellow pop up corn this was fished over a large bed of maize , hemp and chopped boillie his haul for the week included a new PB and a new lake 50 with Frankie at 54lb his second biggest fish was Twin patch at 44lb Nicky also had 3 supper 30s and 6 mid 20s.

Dan Harris also fished Tea Party and managed 17 fish for the week fishing 21 wraps to the tree line over a large baited area with maize, hemp and chopped boillie Dan fished over the top of this with popped up maize on the Ronnie rig his fish list for the week included 4x 40s and a new PB with Twin Scale at 47.8oz 4x 30s and 9x 20+.

Antony Lune fished Shingles with a total of 6 fish for the week Antony struggled to get amongst the larger fish with his biggest at 28.8oz his first rod was fished at 7 wraps along the left hand margin and the other two fished at 18 wraps towards Tea Party 1 all three rods were fished on the Ronnie rig switching between Sticky krill white and pink pop ups and pineapple + N Butyric pop ups over a bed of maize, hemp and chopped boillie.

Ed Fitzpatrick fished The Poo his first two rods were fished 16.5 wraps towards Turtles Corner and his third rod at 10 wraps along his right hand margin all three rods were fished on the bottom with a Ronnie rig tipped with Bait Works Royal Marine wafters over a bed of maze, hemp and chopped boillie. Ed managed 4 fish for the week with fish of 39lb, 35.6oz, 28.6oz and 23lb.


Angler Comments

“Phenomenal place…. Session of a lifetime….All the fish are mint… From arrival until the finish James was unbelievable. Food was wonderful and I couldn’t recommend Gigantica to anybody enough. A dream place and can’t wait to return”.

                                                     Ben & Max Whitehall.

“Absolute fantastic week…. All the facilities are excellent. I can’t thank james the bailiff enough he was very informative on the walk round and superb throughout the week. TOP MAN 

Food is unbelievable and couldn’t ask for more”.


                                    Antony Lune.

Cheers guys it was an absolute pleasure.

Well that’s the end of another fantastic week on the road lake with limited spaces still available for this year and 2019 starting to fill up why not book your next trip.