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  • Brian Tuck, 43lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 14.4.18
  • Brian Tuck, 42lb 4oz, Tea Party 1, 14.4.18
  • Brian Tuck celebrating a new PB Gigantica style!
  • Brian Tuck, 34lb, Tea Party 1, 14.4.18
  • Brian Tuck, 34lb, Tea Party 1, 14.4.18
  • Rob Kavanagh, 34lb 4oz, Tea Party 2
  • Rob Kavanagh, 34lb 4oz, Tea Party 2
  • Rob Kavanagh, 33lb, Tea Party 2
  • Rob Kavanagh, 32lb, Tea Party 2
  • Rob Kavanagh, 26lb, Tea Party 2
  • Steve Lowin, 35lb, Turtle Corner, 14.4.18
  • Steve Lowin, 35lb 12oz, Turtle Corner, 14.4.18
  • Graeme Connor, 21lb, Turtle Corner, 14.4.18
  • The sun is must be BBQ time.
  • We even do salads for the athletes's!
  • The boys are back in town!

Brian Tuck, 43lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 14.4.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/04/2018

Week Commencing 14 April 2018


It’s finally time to break out the shorts and T-Shirts at Gigantica, after one of the wettest winters on record. The water levels on the Road Lake are still high, but the fish are becoming far more active around the lake. With temperatures set to hit 26 degrees and light southerly winds, the anglers who arrived on Saturday were “chomping at the bit” to get started.


Brian Tuck came out early in the draw, and opted for the ever-popular Tea Party 1. Taking the advice of the bailiff, Brian did not commit the cardinal sin of smashing in loads of bait on the first day. Instead he trickled a bit down the left hand margin and then proceeded to fish zigs on three rods out front. Not being super confident fishing with long zigs, with a bit of assistance he soon got into the swing of things. With a ridiculous amount of surface activity in font of him, Andy the bailiff challenged Brian to try and not catch a fish by the end of the day on Monday! Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on your point of view) Brian failed miserably and with some good angling, landed four fish in quick succession, two forties and two twenties! The biggest of the bunch being the Gnarly Common at 43lb 8oz, and a new PB to boot. He followed this up the next morning with a further three fish, taking his tally to seven for the week. Brian was fishing zigs with black foam, and he continually changed the depths between 16ft – 23ft to keep the bites coming. 


Rob Kavanagh chose to fish in Tea Party 2, which has previous good spring form, with plenty of options in the shallower water around the dot island. Fishing on the bottom he unfortunately lost a couple of fish before landing a mid twenty Mirror to get him off the mark. From then on, he then got into his stride and had a bite every night between 11pm – 1am. Baiting by hand from the far margin with a mix of particle and boilies, Rob finished his week with five fish, including three thirties to 34lb 4oz, which was also a new PB. He presented Pop-Ups on a Spinner Rig, which is a good tactic in the Spring, to help the fish home in on the hookbait.


After a tough week in Bachelier’s and Double Boards, Steve Lowin and Graeme Connor took the opportunity to move into Turtle Corner on Fridayand share the rods between them, after the previous incumbent left the fishery under a cloud (despite a huge amount of fish being in the swim, he focussed on drinking instead of fishing). Needless to say, the lads made the most of the 24hrs they had left; resulting in 8 bites and both anglers catching. Topped off with Steve taking a brace of 30’s, and Graeme chipped in with a cracking Common. All the fish coming to zigs with black foam. Well done lads.


It has been a strange sort of week. It appears that the fish weren’t willing to venture down to the 20ft depths to feed, and when left unpressured, they were happy to cavort in the warm Spring sunshine. The water temperature was rising by 1 degree every 2 days, so the fish may well be heading down to the depths as they warm up. The week ended with 21 fish landed to mid forties, which considering the mood of the fish was a respectable result.


Last year, we took the decision to close Tea Party 2 in August for the rest of the year, as we thought it was preventing the fish moving through from one side to the other. Based on the results of this week, we will now be closing TP2 permanently. The fish definitely move through the channel much better without lines cutting through the water.


That’s all until next time folks. Tight lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica