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  • Paul 'Molly' Molyneux, 51lbs 12oz, Tea Party 1, 06.08.17
  • Steve Walker, 44lbs, Turtles, 05.08.17
  • Steve Walker, 40lbs 8oz, Turtles, 05.08.17
  • Steve Walker, 38lbs, Turtles, 05.08.17
  • Steve Walker, 37lbs, Turtles, 05.08.17
  • Steve Walker, 36lbs, Turtles, 05.08.17
  • Steve Walker, 34lbs, Turtles, 05.08.17
  • Steve Walker, 29lbs, Turtles, 05.08.17
  • Steve Walker, 28lbs, Turtles, 05.08.17
  • Martin Markwart, 44lb, Shingles, 05.08.17
  • Martin Markwart, 32lb, Shingles, 05.08.17
  • Martin Markwart, 30lb, Shingles, 05.08.17
  • Spread boilie with the throwing stick is the most effective method for baiting up at the moment.
  • Baiting up frequently is like ringing the dinner bell.
  • Yes.....get in my net!
  • Paul Molyneux, 36lbs, Tea Party 1, 05.08.17
  • Tangle free rig presentation is essential.
  • Ready Tied IQ D-Rigs are really popular. Don't worry, we have them in the tackle shop if you need them.
  • Danny Bleach, 39lb, Double Boards 05.08.17
  • Dave Hewitt, 42lb 8oz, Chuzzlewit, New Beach 05.08.17
  • Grant Dilloway, 51lb 12oz, The Goo, 05.08.17
  • Myles, 44lb 8oz, Birches 05.08.17
  • Steve Dybacz, 47lbs 12oz, Billy's, 05.08.17
  • Tim Clay, 33lb, 05.08.17
  • The new Mainline Fishmeal at Gigantica is a little bit special.
  • Steve Walker plays another one of his 52 fish haul.
  • What is the secret ingredient? The new fishmeal smells unbelievable.
  • A switch from 4oz leads to 3oz helped balance the tackle set-up and enable far better casting.
  • Watching and waiting for another screaming pick-up.

Paul 'Molly' Molyneux, 51lbs 12oz, Tea Party 1, 06.08.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/08/2017


Steve Walker in Turtles started strong and just kept going, landing 15 fish in the first 24 hours, he finished with an amazing haul of 52 fish from 60 bites. Including 17 over 30, a 40 and 44lber called Twin Scale. He fished the new Mainline fishmeal we have exclusively at Gigantica and introduced 28 kg over the week at 16 rod lengths in open water. His third rod was fished shorter to the left hand tree line, this became his night time bite rod. His rigs were simple but effective, size 4 Wide Gape B finished with a shrink tube kikka for better hook holds, 8" combi links and lead clips with a safe zone leader. He caught on either the fishmeal wafters or a bottom bait and half a banoffee pop up back to back. Awesome angling from a thoroughly nice bloke.

Road Lake regular Martijn Markwat in Shingles used the first 24 hours to find the right range to fish at then his bites came steadily. He opened his account with a scraper 30, then added many more to his final tally of 29 fish from 34 bites including five 30's and a 44 we have named ‘BIG’ as he is the spitting image of Tom Hanks. All came at 14.5 wraps fished near to the constantly showing pack of fish. He also used the new Mainline fishmeal with wafters on IQ D-Rigs, helicopter style on Dark Matter Leaders. Spreading the same boilie's over the top with a stick. Martijn impressed us all with his open minded approach, taking our advice and putting it to very good use, simple angling perfectly applied....

After loosing the first 3 Paul 'Molly' Molyneux in Tea Party 1 started with a bang! An upper double followed by Moomin at a new high of 51lbs 8oz. To say he was blown away was an understatement. Wafters or snowmen on 8" Ronnie Rigs to lead clips and safe zone leaders fished at a comfortable 16 rod lengths produced the monster, plus another 24 fish from 33 bites, including five 30's. He introduced 28 kg of various CC Moores baits with his catapult as the soft baits wouldn't stick out without splitting. You really don’t have to fish far out in this swim to be consistent.

Bob 'The Rig' Burrows from Basildon Angling has had Fudgies from the Main Lake at Gigantica so he came with his son Grant and mates to have a bash at The Road this year. He started with a 35 mirror in Tea Party 2 with all 3 rods fished on the opposite margin at 16-21 rod lengths scattering bait over the whole area with a stick. You'll have to visit his shop to see his rig, its unusual, just like Bob.....he finished on 5 fish from 14 bites.

Myles in Birches had a bite the first evening landing what 'felt like a pb' but wasn't at just under 20 to then follow it up the next evening with something that 'doesn't feel big' that was!! The now out of date 'Lake Record Common' at 44lb 8oz! Solid accurate angling from the young man from the north fishing all 3 rods to the top of the bar at 20.5 rod lengths. The new fishmeal mixed with Essential Cell doing the bites with 6" IQ D’s fished on 3oz cog leads and tubing.

Grant Dilloway made a shrewd move leaving Decoy after 24 hours to join his mate Tim round the other side of the lake. Now in the Goo he quickly got amongst them taking a couple of doubles early on. He finished on 7 and 1 lost with the highlight being Three Scales at 51lbs 12oz half way through the week: to say he was blown away was an understatement. He used 30kg of Mainline boilie spodded and sticked at 40 yards.

Tim Clay in the Poo started well and was consistent through the week, with only one day that didn't produce bites for him. All his bites came at only 36 yards, spreading baits with a throwing stick is easy at this range. He ended up with 32 bites landing 22 including 7 thirties. Manilla wafters over Manilla and Key Cray kept the fish interested. He's gone through 35kg of boilie this week which is a key element of the fishing. These are hungry boilie munchers and 20kg is needed as a minimum to keep the bites coming all week. If you can't stretch to that 20kg if our 16mm pellet is only 60 euro and fishing Boilie's on the hair over large spodded pellets will still catch a lot of fish.

Dave Hewett in the New Beach stuck to his spots and was rewarded after 48 hours with a stunning 33 pounder. He followed that up quickly with a mid twenty mirror we have called ISO on account of the camera tips he got off our bailiffs prior to capture. We will always help with your camera settings and show how to position the angler and photographer to get the best shots possible. Dave fished straight out at 16 rod lengths with most of his bites coming to his left hand rod, picking off the resident fish from the far end of the lake. He then bagged Chuzzelwit at 42lbs 8oz smashing his previous PB and making him a very happy man, that's 7 pb’s broken this week on the Road Lake. Very solid angling from a super nice bloke.

Steven Dybacz in Billy's was consistent all week casting over to the far bank margins at 17 and 12 rod lengths. He had fish almost every night. Please note this swim is doing almost all its bites at night which is in stark contrast to all the others which are by far the best in the day. So resting Billy's in the day can bring more bites at night yet. Steve finished with 5 bites landed 4, with the highlight a 47lbs 12oz mirror that beat his PB by 22lbs!! 11" IQ D-Rigs to lead clips, size 4 Kurv’s with 15mm Banoffee Wafters over Cell which he got through 28kg of during the week.

Danny Bleach who changed is choice from Brambles to Double Boards made the right choice as far more fish were in the front side of the lake all week. He started with a 20 after 48 hours that his mate Grant let jump out the sling!! No pictures there then! But he followed it up later that eve with a stunning super long 39 common!!! He finished with 5 including a stunning 40lb common which upped his PB again for he second time in three days. He had no losses largely due to his excellent rigs incorporating size 4 Kranks and a 15lb mono hook link which kick the Krank over for secure hookholds. He fished at 13 rod lengths feeding a mix of our hemp and maize along with his favourite Nash Boilie's.

Sam Rose in Dunkerque started with a lovely 28 at 16 rod lengths straight out in front on a 7" IQ D rig. The fish then moved off and he played gilly for his mate Dave in the new beach for the rest of the week. He fished well, didn't panic and stuck to the plan. If they had been there he would have caught lots more.

Dave Sutton in Bachelier's failed to see a fish in his swim till the last day and finally caught a 20 common on the last morning so the whole lake caught fish which is a great result. Dave even bought some more prototype fish meal to use back at home after watching Steve and Martijn empty the lake on it. Tight lines mate, you'll have many more next time.

With 200 bites and 155 landed it's out best week of the year so far, with most people following the bailiffs advice on spots, baits and rigs it shows how the lake can perform if fished correctly. Many people ruin their week by digging their heals in and not following our advice. We only want you to catch loads so please be like these boys and use us for the latest info.

Slack Lines


Danny F

Team Gigantica


Ps I blanked in Brambles for 6 nights after convincing Danny Bleach to not go in there and fish Double Boards instead, where he had two PB’s, bailiffs………only better…

Weather was hot at start of week with temps up to 26, falling to 20 by end with sunshine and showers. Wind starting N, swirling in middle of week and finishing as a W or SW by the end.

Water temp 24 degrees.