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  • Les wansboro with The Hammer at 50.08oz
  • Joug Grillenberger 35.02oz Turtles Corner
  • Kasey Wansboro 41lb Tea Party 2
  • The business end IQ-D rig works a treat on the Road lake tipped with a white wafter
  • Clint Wansboro 38lb Decoy
  • what better way to start the morning
  • joug Grillenberger 22lb Turtles Corner

Les wansboro with The Hammer at 50.08oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/07/2017

This week on the Road Lake we had five anglers with returning visitors and regulars with the Wansboro party including ghillie for the week Shea. Joining them on the road lake was Jorg Grillenberger visiting us from Germany.

With the weather set to be into the high 20s and rain to the middle of the week conditions are looking good with the water temperature at 27’c

First up is Sam Jones fishing Brambles Sam fished two Rods at 20 wraps on to the bar both were baited up with 2.5 kilo of Atlantic Heat boilies and a mix of pellet, maze and hemp over each spot twice a day before lunch and again before dinner. Sam landed 10 fish in total 4x 30s 4x 20s and 2x doubles topped by an impressive 36.08lb mirror.

Next up was Les Wansboro fishing Birchers les was all three rods 18 wraps towards the bar on the D-rig tipped with Atlantic heat pop up and baited up with Atlantic heat 18mm boilies and large beds of mixed particle. Les managed to land 18 fish in total with his haul including The Hammer at 50.08lb he backed this up with 1x 40 5x 30s 8x 20s and three doubles.

Kasey wansboro in Tea Party 2 also opted to use two rods with his first rod being cast 16 wraps to right of the island and his second 20 wraps towards Billys both rods were baited up with 2-3kg of Atlantic heat and 2kg of mixed particle and pellet each day. Kasey fished IQ-D rigs on both rods tipped with white Banoffee wafters landing him 5 fish in total with two of them over 40lb.

Clint Wansboro fished Decoy with 2 rods fished at 18 wraps towards the end of the bar and the third fished at 15 wraps towards the dam wall. Les fished all three rods on the D-rig and Atlantic heat pop ups baiting up with 2-3kg of boilies and mixed particle each day before lunch and dinner after a slow start the fish stated to move in on the bait an he managed to land a 38lb common and 2x 20s by the end of the week.

Jorg Grillenberger fishing Turtles Corner with two rods cast 18.5 wraps towards the island and the third 18 wraps at The Poo all three rods were fished on a coated braid hooklink to a size 4 Krank B hook tipped with a 16mm white wafter soaked in Corn twist and Wonder berry Goo fished over 3kg of mixed particle and boilie each day landing Jorg 5 fish in total with the biggest at 32lb backed up with 4x 20s.

With the weather becoming more settled here at the road lake the fishing is becoming more consistent and numbers are on the rise the bookings are open for 2018 so why not book your next trip to Gigantica Road Lake.