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  • Sam Banard 36lb Mirror Tea Party 1 15.7.17
  • Robert Barns 31lb Decoy 15.7.17
  • Ian ball 33lb8oz from the Goo 15.7.17
  • Dave Hicks 35lb Single Boards 15.7.17
  • Richard Amos with a 26lb Mirror from the Goo 15.7.17

Sam Banard 36lb Mirror Tea Party 1 15.7.17


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/07/2017

Week commencing 15/07/2017

With the weather warming up again this week and becoming a little more settled the fish are showing more activity in the evenings and early morning when the temperatures are a little cooler.

First up was Richard Amos fishing The Poo with the fish showing close in Richard opted to fish all three rods at 10 wraps towards Turtles corner using the D rig with a snowman presentation of mainlines hybrid 18mm boilie fished over a large baited area of mixed maize, hemp and boilie around 8kg per day with the spod over all three rods. His first fish was in the net by Sunday morning with a upper double common Richard had to wait until Tuesday for his next fish a stunning looking common at 28.12lb this was then quickly followed by a 26.08lb mirror.

Next up Ian Ball fishing The Goo after a week on the main lakes work party it was time to relax and enjoy a week of uninterrupted fishing Ian baited two large areas one at 14 wraps towards double boards and the other 12 wraps towards single boards both were topped up daily with 3kg of cell and 2kg of pellet. Ian fished over the top of this with Mainline Banoffee wafters on the D-rig and landed him two fish with the biggest a 33.08lb mirror.  

Fishing Tea party 1 was Sam Barnard after moving from Tea Party 2 with the majority of fish showing in the left hand side of the lake. Sam went on to land two mid 30s using essential cell on the IQ-D rig fished at 18 wraps towards turtles corner over 20kg of mixed hemp and maze topped up with 3kg of boilies each day.

Robert Barnes fishing Decoy with two rods fished at 18 wraps towards the bar in the middle of the lake over a bed of particle and pellet topped up with D.N.A baits S7 boilie fishing over the top of this with KD and Ronnie rigs with 18mm S7 bottom baits. Roberts third rod was fished to showing fish on the dam wall this resulted in six fish for Robert including 1x 30 3x 20s and 2x doubles

Dave Hicks fishing Single Boards was made to wait till Tuesday for his first fish a mid double common with the deep blue water on the road lake it put every oz of its strength into the fight. Dave followed this with another double mirror and one of the road lakes grass carp at 24lb and went on to finish his week with a 35lb mirror. Dave fished two rods to the left and right-hand side margins of the swim with 3kg of mixed pellet and Tigernut boilies over each rod his third rod was fished at 12 wraps to the middle of the lake with the same baiting technique.

Here at Gigantica You get a breakfast roll delivered to your swim every morning at 9am, and an evening meal which is served at 5pm round at the lodge on the main lake. You can also order a baguette with a choice of fillings, with that you can add some crisp and drinks, which will also be delivered to your swim lunch time at 12.30pm.  And if you would like a nice cold 6 pack of beers in a cool box with ice, this can also be arranged, or if you just fancy a nice ice cream we can deliver them too.