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  • Steve Maxwell with Eye-Q at 45lb 4oz from Turtles Corner 26.4.17
  • Michael Harbour with Breakfast O'Clock at 42lb 4oz from Dunkerque 28.4.17
  • Baiting up time
  • Sam Barnard with Samo's Fish at 43lb 12oz from Tea Party 2 26.4.17
  • Another beauty in the net awaiting its picture taking
  • Billy Freame with the Wedge at 44lb 4oz from The Beach 25.4.17
  • Mark Newson with Cyril at 39lb12oz from Birches 25.4.17
  • Daniel Pearson with his first fish at 41lb from Shingles 25.4.17
  • The particle mix available on site
  • Daniel Pearson with Toucan at 40.08lb 23/04/2017
  • Martijn Markwat with a 27lb Common from Bacheliers
  • Jon Daniel with Pac-Man at 42lb 4oz from Tea Party 1 25.4.17
  • Well, someone had to check the new Gigantica unhooking mats!!!
  • Billy Freame with his second forty at 41lb 4oz from The Beach 25.4.17
  • Steve Maxwell with Blade at 41lb 8oz from Turtles Corner 25.4.17
  • This week's group of lads had an epic week; roll on for your next trip.

Steve Maxwell with Eye-Q at 45lb 4oz from Turtles Corner 26.4.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/04/2017

This week we had seven first time customers and one regular visitor on the Road Lake. What a week they have had with the weather warming up the lads had the fish on the munch right from start with three 40s in the first 24 hours things were looking promising for a good weeks fishing to be had and it didn’t disappoint with over 65 fish between them and 9 of them over 40lb.

Steve Maxwell fished Turtles Corner and was on the fish with his first on Sunday morning the Blade at 41lb 8oz a great start to the week and things only got better as the week went on Steve managed another 20 fish including the gorgeous Eye-Q at 45lb 4oz and three 30's. Steve fished the Korda Ready Tied IQ D-Rig brought from the on site shop with Korda Fake Food Corn and Maize at 20 wraps towards the island. He baited up with 5kg of Gigantica Particle Mix per day, feeding little and often. These tactics really paid off, well-done Steve.

Daniel Pearson fishing in Shingles got stuck straight in with a stunning 41lb Mirror before dinner on the first day and then followed it up with the Toucan at 40lb 8oz. Like Steve, Daniel also opted for the Korda Ready Tied IQ D-Rig baited with a Mainline Diamond White Wafter. On his margin rod he fished 3 wraps to the left-hand side of the swim with Korda Fake Food Slow Sinking Maize & Corn. In a similar vein, he was baiting up little and often to build up the swim, landing him 11 fish in total during the week.

Martijn Markwat fished Bacheliers landing a 27lb Common on the first night fishing the IQ D-Rig with Sticky Baits Manilla boilies at 7 wraps to the right hand side of Single Boards. He picked up a second fish of 19lb 6oz caught using the same method, but fished at 19 wraps towards the tree line.

Jon Daniel fishing Tea Party 1 opened his account in style with Pac-Man at 42lb 4oz which fell to the Ronnie Rig on a Pop-Up fished over the Gigantica Particle Mix & Mainline FYBER Boilies at 18 wraps towards Turtles Corner and followed this up with a 32lb 4oz Mirror from the same spot.

Sam Barnard fishing in Tea Party 2 had a very creditable, 11 fish, with four 30's and a new Road Lake Forty which he has proudly named Samo's Fish at 43lb 12oz witch fell to the Ronnie Rig with a Cranberry and Caviar Pop-Up fished over Gigantica Particle Mix and Mainline Essential Cell boilies Spombed out little and often. Sam was fishing his first rod at 18 wraps towards Turtles Corner and his second rod to the tree line at 23 wraps. His last rod was fished at 16 wraps to the right side of the island.

Mark Newson fished from the Birches swim at 20 wraps to the bar, using the Ronnie Rig and standard bottom baits over 2 kilo's of mixed boilie and Gigantica Particle Mix, baiting gradually throughout the day. It proved to be slow going for Mark, but he still managed to pick up four fish by Wednesday; three of them being 30's, the largest a stunning 39lb 12 oz Common.

Michael Harbour fishing in Dunkerque managed nine fish during the week, including the Common named Breakfast O'Clock at 42lb 4oz. Michael fished two of his rods straight out at 16 wraps, and the other rod was cast 10 wraps towards Decoy using the IQ D-Rig and Mainline Diamond White Wafters. 

Billy Freame fished The Beach and was off to a flying start with the Wedge at 44lb 4oz caught using the IQ D-Rig and Mainline Diamond White Wafter combination, fished at 23 wraps towards the dam wall. Billy also had another new Road Lake Forty at 41lb 4oz, these fish are really putting on the pounds fast. Billy finished the week on 7 fish.

With things starting to warm up and the carp on the munch why not have a go at some of these stunning fish for yourselves.