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  • Ed Harbord with Frankie at 47.08 16.04.2017
  • Ben Morgan with the fish named the Lake Record Common at 45.06lb 15.04.2017
  • Sunset over Road Lake
  • Liam Maslen with Pin Scale at 45lb 15.04.2017
  • Peace on the Road Lake
  • Ben Morgan 39.14lb Mirror from Shingles
  • Ben Morgan 35lb Mirror from Shingles
  • Chris Griffin with a 31.04 from Turtles Corner

Ed Harbord with Frankie at 47.08 16.04.2017


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/04/2017

Another exciting week here on the Road Lake, we have had all four seasons in a week, with warm weather at the start of the week turning colder midweek, with chilling winds and hailstorms. With four first time visitors they had plenty of room to move around and follow the fish should it be required. The lads made the most of the opportunites presented, taking some cracking fish in the first 24 hours and a total of 38 carp landed between them during the week.

Liam Maslen fished in Tea Party 2 and with fish showing out towards the tree line, he used Mainline Diamond White Wafters soaked in a mixture of Buttercorn & Wonderberry Goo and fished two rods at 23 wraps on the tree-line and the third at 16.5 wraps to the right hand side of the island where the shallow water shelves off. He baited up with a mixture of the Minline Gigantica Prototype FYBER and Cell boilies in conjuntion with Korda Ready Tied IQ D-Rigs. The tree-line started to produce fish almost immediately and Liam smashed his previous PB an incredible three times in the first 12 hours with a 27lb Common, 31lb 5oz Mirror and the stunning looking Pinscale at 45lb. Liam had a fantastic week, finishing on 12 fish.

Ed Harbord fished in Tea Party 1 with fish showing in all around the swim on the walk-around it was the obvious choice for a social and a good chance of some fish. Ed fished all three rods at 17.5 wraps towards Turtles Corner on the Korda Ready Tied IQ-D-Rigs with a Mainline Diamond White Wafter soaked in Buttercorn Goo. He baited up with a mixture of Mainline FYBER boilies and Gigantica pellets which paid off for Ed, resulting in him landing Frankie at 47lb 6oz another PB smashed!

Chris Griffin started the week in Bacheliers but with fish showing in Turtles Corner on the Sunday morning it was time for a swim change to get amongst them. It didn’t take long, Chris was off the mark with a lovely 18lb Common and went on to catch another seven fish, with the biggest being a 31lb 4oz Mirror. He was fishing to the tree line at 23 wraps using the Stiff Hinged Rig with Mainline Diamond White Wafters. With the fish still on move and being very active Chris made his final move of the week to stay on the fish into Tea Party 1 and managed to top up his weeks tally with an immaculate 16lb common.

Ben Morgan started his week in the Goo and what a start he had with three fish in the first 12 hours and a another new PB in the bag with a fish named, The Lake Record Common at 45lb 6oz. Caught using the Stiff Hinged Rig with a Mainline Diamond White Wafter fished 2 rod lengths from the far bank towards Double Boards. Ben also opted for a move to Shingles with the majority of fish showing close to the bank and managed to land another eight fish, including a stunning 39lb 12oz Common from a gravel bar at 14.5 wraps straight out. He used the IQ D-Rig and a Diamond White Wafter tipped with Korda Fake Corn, baiting little and often around 3kg a day on each rod. Ben also had a third move and managed three more fish on his last two nights in Tea Party 2. A Common of 39lb on the IQ-D-Rig fished at 18.5 wraps to the tree line being his best.

April is looking good with some great fish being caught and PB's being smashed left right and centre. We have opened the bookings for 2018, so why not get a group of mates together and come out and visit us. We know you won't regret it.