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  • Box Mirror 44lb 12oz New Beach 22.10.16
  • Simon 37lb New Beach 22.10.16
  • The Decoy 44lb 12oz Billys
  • 41lb 5oz Shingles
  • 38lb 12oz from Shingles
  • Andres with a 32lb 7oz mirror
  • Keef @ 39lb 5oz 22.10.16
  • Martin 35lb Tea Party 1
  • Martin with a cracking 31lb Mirror
  • Martin with a 31lb mirror
  • A birds eye view of the Road Lake

Box Mirror 44lb 12oz New Beach 22.10.16


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/10/2016

Well that’s it another year done on the Road Lake and what a year it has been we’ve had lots of PBs broken with some new 40s and 50s coming through, so what will next year hold? There will defiantly be a 60lb fish on the bank next year that’s for sure.

The weather has been very mild this week with the temp getting up to 17 degrees throughout the day and nights down to 4 degrees with hardly any wind at all.  The lake temp has been falling every week its now down to 10 degrees. Winter is certainly coming.

Down to this week and we had 12 lads from Denmark with none of them ever fishing on the Road Lake previously so this week was going to be a learning curve for them all. 

Fishing in Shingles was Andres Gottlieb. He fished all three rods straight out to a soft clay area at 19 wraps, he baited up every day with 5kg of boilies. Andres first carp was a very nice 32lb7oz mirror which came on Tuesday morning. He went on to have a 22lb6oz common and a 38lb15 mirror, not a bad start to the week, andres would bait up after every fish with his throwing stick. The next morning, he was again this time he had a 18lb mirror and a cracking 38lb12oz mirror. Then on the last morning he goes and lands a 41lb5oz common. He was using a simple blow back rig with a nutty crunch boilie.

Martin Esberg set up in Tea Party 1, his first fish came on Monday morning a cracking 39lb5oz mirror called Keef, then on Tuesday morning he was in again a 21lb mirror and a 31lb mirror. Martin fished all three rods at 18 wraps towards Turtles Corner, over the week he used 25kg of boilies. The famous IQ D rig was his chosen rig for the week.

Mathias was set up in Billys he had all three rods wrapped up at 19 wraps and they were cast straight out towards Tea Party 2, his first carp came on Sunday morning The Decoy at 44lb12oz, what a start to the week he went on to have a 30lb3oz common and a 27lb common. He was using a simple IQ D rig with a peach and sour cream boilie. Over the week he used 15kg of boilies.

Simon was fishing in The Beach swim; his first carp came on Sunday morning the Box Mirror at 44lb2oz. Then the next morning he was in again this time with a 26lb12oz mirror, then on Friday he had a 37lb common. Simon was using a DF rig with a boilie as his hook bait. Over the week he used 20kg of boilies.

we would just like to say a big thanks to all the customers we had out on the Road Lake this year and hope to see you all here next year. From all the staff at Gigantica we hope you have a great end to 2016.