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  • 54.08lb Tea Party 2 1.10.16
  • A new lake record 54.08lb
  • Big Mac 54.02lb The Goo 1.10.16
  • The Hammer 52.12lb Turtles 1.10.16
  • Moomin 48.08lb The Goo 1.10.16
  • 46lb Pin Scale Tea Party 2 1.10.16
  • 44lb Cyril Tea Party 2 1.10.16
  • 42.02lb mirror Turtles 1.10.16
  • 42.00lb mirror Tea Party 2 1.10.16
  • 41.00lb mirror Tea Party1 1.10.16
  • 41.00lb mirror Tea Party1 1.10.16
  • 41lb Korda Social Common Shingles 1.10.16
  • 41 Patch Tea Party 1 1.10.16
  • 40.04lb mirror Shingles 1.10.16
  • 39.08lb mirror The Goo 1.10.16
  • 38.00lb mirror Tea Party 1
  • 36.00lb common Tea Party 2
  • 32.00lb mirror Tea Party 1 1.10.16
  • 32.00lb common Turtles 1.10.16
  • 30.00lb common Tea Party 1 1.10.16

54.08lb Tea Party 2 1.10.16


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/10/2016

Well we are coming towards the end of yet another season on the Road Lake, and with the fishing getting better and better as the weeks went on it was to nobody’s surprise that this week was a week for the big fish.

For the week a total of 3 x 50’s including a NEW LAKE RECORD, in the shape of 3 Scales at 54lb 8oz, where landed along with 10 x 40’s as well as plenty of backup 30’s and 20’s. 

Weather for the week started off rather chilly due to a cold northerly wind, which kept the temperatures down to around 12 degrees during the day. The nights where also rather chilly with highs of only 7 degrees, but that never stopped some of the Road Lake’s larger residence making an appearance.

Fist up this week we had Dean in Tea Party 1. For the week we Dean helped himself to a 14 fish haul.  The best being a brace of mirrors both weighing 41lb.  Also included in his tally for the week was 5 x 30’s, the best being a 39lb common.  Dean fished all three rods at 18 wraps towards Turtles Corner and baited with a mixture of Mainline Cell and Hybrid boilies. Rig wise simple knotless knot braided hair rigs tied up on Korda Dark Matter braid, a size 2 Korda Kurv being his hook of choice and topped of with our very own Banoffee wafters.

Fishing in Tea Party 2 we had Darrell, for the week Darrell landed a total of ten fish, the best being 3 Scales at a NEW LAKE RECORD weight of 54lb 8oz.  If that wasn’t enough he also helped himself to 3 x 40’s, the best being a 46lb mirror!  Fishing all three rods at 18 wraps towards Billy’s Darrell feed around 30kg of chopped and whole Mainline Cell boilies using a Spomb through the week.  Like Dean simple knotless knot hair rigs tied on the ever-faithful Dark Matter braid and a size 2 Korda Kurv hook.

Fishing in Turtles Corner this week we had Brett, and for the week Brett also managed a 14 fish total.  The action started slowly, but as the week went on the bites became more and more regular as he built the swim up and by the end of the week he was absolutely flying!  Along with 7 x 30’s up to 39lb, Brett also managed the mighty Hammer at 52lb 12oz.  A truly awesome fish that is surly destined to be an absolute monster of a carp in the future.  For the week Brett introduce around 20kg of boilies and 20kg of pellets and baited on a little and often basis to very good effect, using either a throwing stick or a Spomb.  Rig wise a ready tied Mulit-Rig and a balanced hookbait where enough to fool the mighty Hammer and a few others of the Road Lakes residence.

Starting the week in The Decoy this week we had Steve, and after a very uneventful start to the week Steve decided on a move to The Goo....and what a move it paid of to be.  Steve managed four fish, which included a thirty, a forty and a fifty!!  Firstly the fifty being the impressive monster it is, ‘Big Mac’.  Weighing in at a massive 54lb 2oz.  If that wasn’t enough for Steve he braced Big Mac with another massive fish this time a common going by the name of Moomin weighing in at 48lb 8ozs!  Truly amazing and showing that it does pay to move at times, and what a move it turned out to be.  Steve was using IQ D rigs and a snowman style hookbait to temped these colossal creatures.

Fishing over in The Shingles this week we had regular John Moore.  John showed that staying positive and to always give it your all until the very end some times pays off, as he managed to help himself to a brace of 40’s right at the death!  The best being a common weighing 41lb.  John fished at 20 wraps towards Tea Party 1 and baited with around 10kg of Mainline Cell boilies.

The quality of the fish this week was second to none with some absolutely amazing fish being landed!  The next couple of weeks see's very few anglers fishing the Road Lake, amazing really as October is a great month for catching big carp and just like this week showed there are plenty of them here over the Road Lake.