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  • The Hammer 52.08lb Birches 17.09.16
  • Big John 45.00lb Birches 17.09.16
  • 45.08lb Amstel Double Boards 17.09.16
  • Petal 43.10lb Turtles Corner 17.09.16
  • 43.00lb Aldwicks Tea Party 2 17.09.16
  • 44.00lb Pin Scale Billy's  17.09.16
  • 42.00lb Baldrick Tea Party 2 17.09.16
  • 41.00lb common Tea Party 1 17.09.16
  • 38.08lb Twin Patch Dunkerque 17.09.16
  • 37.12lb Broken Tail Dunkerque 17.09.16
  • 37.08lb Stubby Tea party 2 17.09.16
  • 37.00lb mirror Birches 17.09.16
  • 36.12lb mirror Tea Party 2 17.09.16
  • 35.12lb mirror Shingles 17.09.16
  • 35.02lb mirror Dunkerque 17.09.16
  • 35.00lb Tea Party 2 17.09.16
  • 34lb Nanna's Mirror Tea Party 2 17.09.16
  • 32.06lb Tea Party 2 17.09.16
  • 31.00lb Tea Party 2 17.09.16
  • 36.12lb Backlead Billy's 17.09.16

The Hammer 52.08lb Birches 17.09.16


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 17/09/2016

What a week the lads had on the Road Lake this week, one customer in particular defiantly stood out from the crowd.  That was Simon Greaves.  Simon managed an incredible 41 fish haul.  An awesome display of angling, from a top bloke.

With a real autumn feel in the air this week we had daytime temperature of around 22 degrees and the nights dropping off to a rather cool 8 degrees.  A true sign autumn is here.

We can only start this week off in Tea Party 2, where we had Simon Greaves.  As mentioned Simon landed an incredible 41 fish, these being caught from two different areas.  The first at 17 wraps to the left hand side of the island and the other at 16 wraps to the right.  Simon baited with a mixture of boilie and pellet and baited up with two kilo every evening before dinner.  This was then topped up with 100 baits after every fish with the aid of a throwing stick.  For the week Simon managed 2 x 40’s both mirrors, Baldrick at 42lb and  also Aldwicks at 43lb 10oz respectively.  With this he also managed a further 7 x 30’s, with the best a mirror weighing 37.06lb known as Stubby.  Rig wise the ever-faithful IQ ‘D’ rig and Banoffee wafter combo doing the business once again!  Once again it must be said a truly awesome weeks angling by Simon and his hard work was truly rewarded.

Over in Turtles Corner this week we had Sam Sanders.  Sam managed a very creditable 10 fish haul, and unfortunately he did also suffer a few loses, but full credit to him he stuck to his plan and stayed positive and never let his head drop where as other would have crumbled.  Sam’s biggest for the week was the ‘mighty’ Petal weighing in at 43lb 10oz's.  An absolute amazing looking carp and was also a new PB.  Sam also followed this up with a further 2 x 30’s the best a common weighing 35lb 2oz's.  For the week Sam used around 30kg of boilies and pellets and baited up with around 3kg every day.  Rig wise for the week Sam used balanced bottom baits on a Combi-Rig.

This week in Tea Party 1 we had regular visitor Richard Stansfield.  For the week Richard managed nine fish, with the best a 41lb common that was actually a new 40 for the Road Lake, this taking the tally to just under 50 x 40’s for the venue!!!! Truly amazing.  Richard fished at 17 wraps and baited daily with a mixture of boilie and pellet using around 25 kilo for the week.  Richard also managed 2 x 30’s the best a 33lb 12oz mirror.  Cell wafters soaked in Pineapple Goo seemed to be the going hookbait for Richard.

Fishing in Shingles this week we had Craig Stevens.  Craig managed eight fish for the week, the best a 35lb 3oz mirror.  Craig fished at 9 wraps down his left hand margin and baited up with around 2 kilo a day using a catapult.  Rig wise a Mulit-Rig tied up using a size 4 Krank and an Essential Cell wafter was is rig and hookbait of choice.

Fishing in Birches this week we had Barry Egenes.  Barry only managed three fish, but the sizes of them made up for the lack of numbers.  Firstly Barry was lucky enough to land one of are lakes largest residence a fish named The Hammer weighing in at a massive 52lb 8oz's!  This along with another absolutely stunning fish called Big John that weighed 45lbs and a 37lb common completing the trio! Barry baited up with a kilo of Mainline Essential Cell boilies per day spread across all three rods.  Rig and hook bait wise an IQ D rig and a Essential Cell wafter hookbait.

Fishing in Billy’s this week we had Brendon Almquest.  After a slow start Brendon managed to get amongst a few fish towards the end of the week!  The best a 36lb 12oz mirror known as Backlead, that he caught at 20 wraps out into open water.

Other notable captures for the week included David Westwood who fished in Dunkerque where he landed four fish.  This included 3 x 30’s, with the best a 38lb 4oz common called Twin Patch.  Dave fished at 15 wraps towards the island where be baited with around 200 baits every few hours.

Dave M also managed to catch Amstel weighing in at 45lb 8oz, fishing out of Double Boards. Dave fished all three rods at 12 wraps and baited on a little and often basis.

Well another very good week over on the Road Lake with 8 fish over 40 pounds landed and stacks of 30’s.  Another cracking bunch of lad’s as well who have already booked up for next year!