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  • The Butcher at 48.08lb The Decoy 10.09.16
  • Frankie at 46.00lb Bachliers 10.09.16
  • 43.00lb The Poo 10.09.16
  • Lake Record Common 43.00lbs Decoy 10.09.16
  • The lads from Fat Fish Tackle
  • Breakfast O'clock 42.02lb The Poo 10.09.16
  • The Fat Fish 40 40.06lb The Poo 10.09.16
  • Patch @ 39lb 12oz The Decoy 10.09.16
  • 39.14lb Tea 1 10.09.16
  • Long Common @ 39.08lb Turtles Corner 10.09.16
  • 38.00lb mirror The Decoy 10.09.16
  • 36.00lb Shingles 10.09.16
  • 36.00lb Tea 1 10.09.16
  • 34.00lb The Decoy 10.09.16
  • 33.12lb The Decoy 10.09.16
  • 33.02lb The Poo 10.09.16
  • Sun Set from Tea 1
  • 32.12lb Tea 1 10.09.16
  • 32.10lb Dunkerque 10.09.16
  • 32.10lb Turtles Corner 10.09.16
  • 32.06lb Brambles 10.09.16
  • 31.06lb Turtles Corner 10.09.16
  • 31.00lb Billy's 10.09.16
  • Throwing sticking bait seems to be a winner
  • Phil on a roll in Tea 1

The Butcher at 48.08lb The Decoy 10.09.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/09/2016

With The Road Lake fishing so well the two previous weeks it was now time for the visit of Fat Fish Tackle, it was Andy’s and the gangs first visit to the venue since the Stockings in 2014.

The weather for the week can only be described as a week with two halves. The lads where greeted with blistering temperatures of around 35 degrees for the first half of the week, and on Wednesday afternoon a massive low weather front came in bringing with it huge drop in temperatures and loads of rain for Friday and Saturday.

Our top rod for the week was no other than Jimmy Shave. Jim set up in Turtles Corner and picked up fish steadily throughout the week. For the week he managed a very impressive 24 fish haul including 5 x 30’s to 39lb 8oz. Jimmy fished all three rods at 20 warps towards the island, baiting with around 5kg per day with the aid of a throwing stick and with a further 100 baits after each fish, using around 40kg of boilies and 25kg of pellets for the week. Rig wise a simple knotless knot tied onto a N-Trap soft braided hooklink of around 10 inches and a size 4 Krank hook was all that was needed for his 24 fish haul.

Not far behind Jimmy we had Fat Fish ‘gaffer’ Andy Reynolds. Andy set up in The Decoy and for the week managed a very creditable 20 fish catch. The best a very impressive 48lb 8oz common known as The Butcher.  In fact Andy actually braced this with The Unknown Common weighing in at 43lb. Not a bad 15 minutes by anyone’s standards!!  If that wasn’t enough Andy also banked a further 5 x 30’s up to 39lb 12oz, along with plenty of back up 20’s. Fishing at 16 wraps Andy introduced 7kg of boilie at the start of his session but never actually fished the area until it was clear the fish where feeding on that area. This is a tactic he may have used in the past on the Main Lake as it works well over the road and clearly looks to be a winner on the Road Lake too!  For the week he introduced a total of 30kg and again like Jimmy baiting up with around 100 baits after each fish.

Fishing in Tea Party 1 this week we had Phil Newman.  Phil started off flying and eventually finished the week on 19 fish.  Fishing at 20 wraps towards Turtles, Phil introduced 30kg of boilie for the week using a throwing stink.  Rig wise he fished D Rigs tied up on 20lb N-Trap Soft. Phil’s hook baits for the week where predominantly wafters with yellow seeming to be the stand out colour.

Fishing in The Poo this week we had Ian Cannon. For the week Ian managed 14 fish, which included 3 x 40’s!!  The best a stunning 43lb mirror know as Hanson.  Ian’s other two 40’s where both in fact new 40’s to the venue and just gives you an indication of the impressive growth rates of these very young fish!  Firstly a mirror weighing 40lb 6oz, and has been named as The Fat Fish 40! The second a common weighing 40lb 2oz and will now be known as Breakfast O’clock, as every morning bang on breakfast time the action started for Ian.  Ian baited on a little and often basis and used around 30kg for the week, again like the others after starting with the Spomb Ian found he could get bites quicker and hold the fish in his area for much longer when he switched to using a throwing stick and baited over a much larger area. Fishing at 16 wraps Ian used a snowman style hookbait and found a yellow or white topper to be the most successful.

Fishing practically every swim he could possibly fish this week we had Alfie.  After finally settling for more than five minutes in Billy’s he helped himself to 8 fish, the best being a mirror weighing 31lb. Fishing all three rods along the Right hand margin Alfie baited with around 5kg per day by simply walking around and baiting through the trees by hand and fished an IQ D rig and a wafter hookbait.

Fishing in Tea Party 2 we had Dean Cullen.  Dean has just started carp fishing again after a long break from the sport and I must say as the week went on the more he got into it again and for his efforts was rewarded with 4 fish.  The best a 31lb 4oz mirror that was caught from the far margin at 18 wraps again like most he was finding success on the wafter hook baits.

Other notable captures for the week Included Jason in Bacheliers, Jason landed the Mighty Frankie at 46lb fishing at 15 wraps towards Single Boards. 

Terry fishing in Shingles also managed to get amongst a few and landed an impressive 36lb common from his left hand margin on a Banoffee Wafter fished as a single to showing fish!


Well what a group of lads.  Its groups like this that make the week and full credit must go to Andy for picking such a good bunch.  Every single one of you are a credit to Andy and a credit to Fat Fish Tackle and we hope you all return again next year.

The Road Lake is on fire at the moment and with over 100 fish landed this week the lake is showing its true potential.  They love the bait in here at the moment and big beds of bait spread over a large area are defiantly scoring well!  At times you just can’t put it in quick enough!