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  • Christopher with the Beard at 47lb
  • Karl with Ron's at 46lb
  • Tony with Petal at 42lb 6oz
  • Chris with Mable at 42lb 3oz
  • Craig with Moomin at 42lb
  • Daniel with Lee's Common 41lb 4oz
  • Tony with a 40lb 12oz mirror
  • Sunset over the Road Lake
  • Scott with Elliott's Common @ 38lb common from the New Beach
  • Nils with a 38lb mirror from Decoy
  • The Gnarley Common @ 36lb for scott
  • Daniel with a 36lb Mirror
  • Chris with a 36lb mirror
  • Daniel with a 35lb Mirror from Tea Part 2
  • James with a nice 35lb Mirror from Dunkerque
  • Nils with a 33lb mirror from Decoy
  • James with a nice little 28lb common

Christopher with the Beard at 47lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/09/2016

A Rather cool autumn feel this week, and a more than welcome drop in temperature. Highs of 25 degrees were recorded on Wednesday afternoon and night time temperatures were down to 10 degrees. Water temperature has dropped slightly and now reads 22 degrees. All this was down to a cool northerly wind which was blowing for the duration of the week.

On the Road Lake this week we had six anglers from the UK and three anglers from Team Korda Germany who were over here filming.

What a week on the the Road Lake with it producing 7 different fourtys.  

Scott Palfrey was set up in the New Beach swim over the week, and he had a total of 32 carp.  Scott had 14 doubles, 11 x 20’s and 7 x 30’s to 38lb what a week.  His left hand rod was cast up the left hand margin at 12 wraps, the middle rod was cast 21 wraps towards the bund, and his right hand rod was cast 8 wraps towards Decoy.  Scott started off baiting each spot with a kilo of boilies and Gigantica pellets, then after each fish he would top it back up just to keep the carp in the area.  Rig wise the IQ D rigs with a Manilla wafter or a Cell wafter done the job for Scott.

James Litchfield was set up in Dunkerque through the course of the week, and he had 12 carp made up of 2 x doubles, 8 x 20’s and 2 x 30’s up to 35lb.  Two of his rods were cast straight out at 16 wraps and the other rod was cast 10 wraps towards Decoy.  Over the week James used 20kg of Mainline Cell boilies and 10kg of the Gigantica pellets, with the famous IQ D rig with a matching Cell wafter was his chosen rig and hook bait for the week.

Craig Ramsey decided to go into the swim called Shingles, after the success it had the week before.  But after a few days he only landed a double and two twenties’, so he fancied a move round to The Goo.  It didn’t take long before he had a bite, and what a cracker it was.  Moomin at 42lb layed in his net, smashing his PB.  The new Krank rig with a Manilla wafter was this fishes downfall and also Craig’s rigs for the week.

Tony Gladden went in Birches and he was casting all three rods out to the plato at 20 wraps.  It wasn’t long before he was into his first carp, not a big one for the Road Lake, but it’s a start.  A mirror weighing in at 14lb and after re-baiting it didn’t take long for his second take, but this time he lands a cracking 42lb 8oz mirror called Petal.  Then on Tuesday he lands a 38lb mirror and then another mirror this time weighing 40lb 8oz.  Tony was on a roll and over the week he used 20kg of Mainline Hybrid boilies and 10kg of Gigantica pellets.  A mixture of DF rigs with a balanced bottom bait and IQ D rigs with a snowman hook baits was Tony’s rigs of choice for the week.

Karl Grinwood set up in Double Boards, with all three rods being cast straight out in front at 40 yards.  Over the week he used 20kg of Mainline Cell boilies, and it wasn’t long before he was into his first carp a little 12lb mirror, then not long after that he was into his second carp this time a cracking a 46lb mirror called Ron’s.  He went on to have two other doubles during the week, the IQ D rig with a Mainline Cell wafter was Karl’s chosen rig.

This week the filming for one part of the German Korda carp fishing MasterClass took place on the Road Lake.  Christopher Paschmanns, Daniel Brünkmans and Nils Elders fished the lake to show how to tackle commercial lakes for the camera.

Christopher Paschmanns fished in Tea Party 1, and he had a great result with 20 takes.  He caught several 30’s up to 36lb and two 40’s, a 42lb 3oz common known as Mable and The Beard at 47lb.  He was fishing all three rods at 15 wraps, and Chris introduced 5kg of chopped 18mm Mainline Cell boilies and 4kg 14mm Cell boilies to start with, and then kept the bait going in around 3-4kg every day.  Chris fished a simple rig made of Korda Kamo hooklink in 30lb with a size 6 Longshank X using a Korda Kicker to make the hook turn.  Chris only stripped back the coating next to the bait to make the bait move more freely, a lot of bigger fish fall to simple bottom bait rig.

Daniel Brünkmans moved from Turtle Corner to Tea Party 2 after two days, as he only landed two doubles.  The carp were showing in numbers in front of TP 2 and the move turned out to be a wise decision as he ended his week with 15 takes including two 40’s next to several 30’s.  A 40lb common on the last morning and what a beautiful 41lb 4oz common it was.  this fish is known as Lee's Common.  He used an IQ D-Rig with a Mainline Cell wafter, which was soaked in the Wonderberry Goo.  Daniel fished to the far margin left of the island with two rods and right of the island with one rod.  The right hand spot produced the bigger fish for him and Daniel baited up with 2-3kg of boilies on each spot every day just before tea.

Nils Elders fished The Decoy swim and he had all three rods cast just to the right of the swim at 15 wraps just in-line with the new Beach swim.  Over the week he used 20kg of Mainline Cell boilies.  Nils landed 21 carp over the week but mostly smaller fish, which were around in that part of the lake.  But Nils still managed to catch four nice 30’s including a stunning 38lb mirror.  He used a stiff hinge rig with a Korda Kurv Shank hook with a Mainline Cell wafter as his hook bait.

Just a quick up date to all coming to Gigantica Road Lake this year. we no longer supply weigh scales, so please can you bring your own set. 

Also please take note but unfortunately due to having problems disposing of glass bottles we no longer have bottled beer on site and have moved onto cans, so if you bring or buy glass bottles you will have to dispose of them yourself. 

Thank you in advanced for your understanding and for your co-operation.