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  • 44lb 6oz Single Boards August 2016
  • 44lb Poo swim August 2016
  • 41lb 4oz Shingles August 2016
  • 40lb 8oz Tea Party 1 August 2016
  • Allan Robins with a 34lb mirror
  • Allan with a 37lb common
  • a cracking 36lb common from Tea Party 2
  • Chris Watson with a 39lb 8oz mirror
  • Chris with a 34lb mirror
  • Oliver Jackson with a 37lb common
  • Ian Watson with a 38lb mirror
  • A nice 32lb 2oz for Zack
  • James Turner with a 22lb mirror
  • A nice 25lb mirror from the Decoy swim

44lb 6oz Single Boards August 2016


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

What a week here on the Road lake with a total of 67 carp being landed.  All goes down to the lads from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, great angling lads.  With the weather being really hot and temperatures up in the 30’s for most of the week it didn’t stop these lads from catching.   

Zack Barrett was set up in Shingles, and over the course of the week he had fourteen carp.  5 x doubles, 5 x 20s, 3 x 30s to 34lb and a 41lb common called Mr Massive.  He found a spot at 75 yards just to the right of the the island, Zack was baiting up every day with 4 kg of Manilla boilies from Sticky Baits.  He had all three rods placed tight together over the spot, using combi rigs' with a size four Korda Krank hook and a boilie tipped with a white pop up fishing snowman style.

Roger Seymour decided to go in Turtle Corner and throughout the week he had 3 x doubles, 7 x 20’s to 28lb 2oz and two cracking 30’s to 34lb 7oz.  His left hand rod was cast along the left hand margin at 21 wraps, his middle rod was at 15 wraps towards the island and the right hand rod was cast at 16 wraps this was inline with Tea Party 2.  Roger was baiting up with a kilo of boilies over each spot every day just before tea.  Over the course of the week he used a total of 15 kilos of Mainline Cell boilies, and rig wise he was using the DF rig with a Cell wafter as his hook bait.

Chris Watson was set up in Tea Party 1.  Over the week he had 4 x doubles, 2 x 20’s, 3 x 30’s up to 39lb and a cracking common called Mable at 40lb 8oz.  All three of his rods were cast straight out at 17 wraps.  Chris was baiting up every day with three kilos of boilies, he was then using IQ D rigs with a home made wafter as his hook bait.  After seeing a few carp show to the right of his swim he decided to put out a 13ft zig with a white pop up on, and it wasn’t long before he was into a nice 36lb mirror.  Chris ended up catching eight carp on his zig rig approach.

Allan Robins was set up in Tea Party 2, and he had a total of nine carp for the week includeing 2 x doubles, 2 x 20’s and 5 x 30’s to 37lb.  All 3 rods cast straight out at 11 wraps, where Allan was baiting up every day with four kilos of boilies with his catapult.  He was using a combi rig with a manilla boilie as his hook bait.

Ian Watson was in Billys and he had a total of nine carp for the week.  One double, 7 x 20’s to 29lb 8oz and a 38lb mirror.  Ian had two rods at 18 wraps inline with Tea Party 2, and the third rod was cast to the right hand margin.  Over the week he used a total of 20kg of boilies and 20kg of the Gigantica Pellets that we supply.  Ian would bait up after every fish just to keep them interested, and fopr rigs he was using IQ D rigs with a Banoffee wafter for hook bait.

Jamie Turner went into the Decoy swim.  He had a total of five carp for the week, 2 x doubles and 3 x 20’s up to 25lb.   Jamie had all three rods straight out in front on top of the Plato at 20.5 wraps.  Jamie was baiting up every day with 5kg of boilies, and like many he was using the every faithful IQ D rigs with Banoffee wafters.  A winning formula on the Road Lake.

Adam Lovett was in Singles Boards.  Adam had his left hand rod down the left hand margin, his middle rod was straight out at 10 wraps and his right hand rod was down the right hand margin.  He baited up every day with a kilo over each rod, and over the week he landed a 13lb mirror, 20lb common and to top it of he land Ron’s at 44lb 6oz.  A simple D rig with a Mainline Cell wafter done the trick for Adam.

Jamie Ellis was in Birches for the week.  He was fishing one rod down the left hand margin, his right hand rod was down the right hand margin and the middle rod was straight out in front of him at 10 wraps.  During the week he used ten kilos of boilies, and was using the DF carp rigs with a Cell boilie doing the trick to land a couple of doubles.

Howard Thomas started in Dunkerque, but after no action he decided to move into The Goo.  It wasn’t long before he was into his first fish, and a cracking 44lb mirror called Frankie.  This came on a standard blow back rig with a CC Moore Pacific Tuna wafter, he was casting straight out at 16 wraps inline with the Double Boards swim.  He spodded out a couple of kilo’s of boilies and half kilo of the Gigantica pellets onto his spot.

Oli Jackson decided to fish from the Brambles swim.  He had rods out at 17, 18 and 20 wraps, and spoded a kilo of boilies over each rod every day before dinner.  A combi rig with a manilla wafter done the trick to land a cracking 32lb common.

Shane Atkinson was set up in Double Boards, he had a rod down each margin and the other was cast straight out in front at ten wraps.  Shane baited up every day with half a kilo of boiles, a DF rig with a Melton Bounty boilies topped with a piece of fake maze landed a 29lb 4oz mirror.

At Gigantica You get a breakfast roll delivered to your swim every morning at 9am and an evening meal which is served at 5pm at the lodge on the main lake.  You can order a baguette with a choice of fillings and drinks which will be delivered to your swim lunch time at 12.30pm.  If you would like a nice cold 6 pack of beers in a cooler box with ice it can be arranged, or if you fancy a nice ice cream we can deliver them too.

Just a quick up date to all coming to Gigantica Road Lake this year. we no longer supply weigh scales, so please can you bring your own set. 

Also please take note but unfortunately due to having problems disposing of glass bottles we no longer have bottled beer on site and have moved onto cans, so if you bring or buy glass bottles you will have to dispose of them yourself. 

Thank you in advanced for your understanding and for your co-operation.