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  • Big Mac 53lb Briches 16.7.16
  • Ben with Big mac at 53lb
  • Jordan with a 39lb 8oz mirror
  • Petal at 41lb Brambles 16.7.16
  • phil with a 39lb10oz mirror out of the New Beach swim
  • John Moore with a 35lb8oz mirror
  • IQ D rig with a Banoffee wafter
  • Don't forget to bring your Scales
  • A veiw across the Road Lake

Big Mac 53lb Briches 16.7.16


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/07/2016


Well lets just say summer is well and truly here.  The highest recorded temperature for the week was recorded at a staggering thirty-eight degrees and with a daily average of thirty-five degrees throughout the whole week, the heat was relentless.  Night time temps averaged twenty-four and with hardly any breeze all week sleeping was uncomfortable.  With conditions like this the fishing did suffer a little but even so there where still a good number of fish caught including a couple of high 30’s, a 41lb mirror and a new lake record mirror being Big Mac at 53lb. 

Phil Brown was in the new Beach swim this week, he had a total of seven carp, two doubles, 3 x 20’s to 28lb and 2 30’s to 39lb10z.  Phil had two rods cast towards the new bund at 23 wraps and the other rod was wrapped up at 7 wraps and cast towards the Decoy swim.  He was baiting up after every fish and over the week he used 15kg of boilies.  Phil was using a IQ D rig with a size 4 Kurv hook with a Banoffee wafter as his hook bait.

Geoff Elmer was set up in Turtles, he had a total of six carp for the week being 3 x doubles, 2 x 20’s to 28lb 4oz and a new PB common which went 31lb 4oz on the scales.  His left hand rod was cast along the left hand margin about 70 yards, the other two rods were wrapped up at 21 wraps and cast towards Tea Party 2.  Geoff was spodding out a kilo of boilies after every fish were over the week he used 20kg of Mainline Hybrid boilies and 15kg of our Gigantica Pellets.  He had all of his fish on the IQ D rigs with size 4 Korda Kurv hooks and a Hybrid wafter as his hook bait.

Ben Devers was in Birches.  He had 3 x 20’s and a new Road Lake record mirror of 53lb, which goes by the name of Big Mac.  His left hand rod was wrapped up at 16 wraps and cast towards Billys with the other two rods being wrapped up at 21 wrap and cast to the right of Billys.  Over the week he used 10kg of boilies and 20kg of Gigantica pellets, a stiff hinge rig with a Banoffee wafter was his chosen rig for the week.

Jorden Rudd was in Brambles this week and he had a cracking 41lb mirror known as Petal, a 39lb 8oz mirror and a double.  He had two rods on the bar at 20 wraps and the other rod was cast to a small gravel patch at 15 wraps just to the left of the swim.  Jorden started off spodding out 5kg of boilies and pellets over all three rods and then he would bait up after every fish just to keep the swim topped up with bait.  Over the week he used 15kg of Mainline Cell boilies and 20kg of Gigantica Pellets.  Jorden was using the IQ D rig with a Cell wafter as his hook bait.

John Moore was in Tea Party 1, he had all three rods in a line at 20 wraps.  He started off by spodding out 5kg of boilies and pellets.  It wasn’t until Thursday that he had a take on his middle rod, and after a hard battle he goes and lands a cracking 35lb 8oz mirror.  A simple blow back rig with a Cell wafter done the trick for John.

Jorden Devers was in the Decoy swim for the week.  He had two rods cast straight out in front at 20 wraps the other rod was cast at 15 wraps towards the new Beach swim.  Jordan was baiting up every day with a 5kg mixture of Mainline Essential Cell boilies and Gigantica Pellets.  Throughout the week he used a total of 35kg of bait.  It wasn’t until Wednesday that he had his first bite and after a hard tough fight he landed a cracking 33lb mirror, which fell to the IQ D rig with a Gigantica Banoffee wafter.  A winning formula here at Gigantica.

Here at Gigantica You get a breakfast roll delivered to your swim every morning at 9am, and an evening meal which is served at 5pm round at the lodge on the main lake included in your package.  You can order a baguette for lunch time, with a choice of fillings and drinks which will be delivered to your swim at 12.30pm.  And if you would like a nice cold 6 pack of beers in a cooler box with ice it can be arranged for you, or if you fancy a nice ice cream to cool and refresh yourself we can deliver them too!!

Just a quick up date to all coming Gigantica Road Lake this year, we no longer supply scales.  So please can you bring your own, and due to the French recycling we can no longer depose of glass bottles.  If you bring or buy beer in bottle’s can you please take them home with you!