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  • Russell with Ron's @ 43lb
  • Jonathan with a 38lbs mirror
  • Mateusz with a 29lbs mirror
  • Mateusz with a 30lbs mirror

Russell with Ron's @ 43lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/07/2016


The French summertime has well and truly set in now, temperatures are hanging around 28 degrees with night time temperatures at a comfortable 17 degrees. 

Russell Orchard returned this week bringing with him his brother Brad Orchard and friend Martin Tollerfield. Russell started the week in the Brambles before moving into The Goo, after seeing fish in that area.  In The Brambles he was fishing the 20 wrap bar spot and in The Goo he was fishing 10 wraps straight out in front. Rigging up standard hair rigs with our exclusive Spicy Active and Banoffee wafters fished over Mainline Cell, Russell landed 15 fish, his largest was a 43lb mirror, known as Ron's, from The Goo on Wednesday. 

Brad Orchard started the week in The Decoy before moving into Turtles Corner later in the week.  In Turtles Corner he was fishing 18 ½ wraps torwards the second gap along the tree line, using D rigs and a total of 10kg of boilie over the week Brad landed a very nice 20lb common for his work. 

Martin Tollerfield also had a move this week, starting the week in The Birches before moving into The Poo. Fishing 17 wraps out in front of Birches, and in The Poo he was fishing 15 wraps straight out in front.  Using simple hair rigs over our lake exclusive Mainline Spicy Active boilies, Martin landed five fish including a 41lb mirror. 

We also had Mateusz Malenczuk return this week bringing with him his mate Jonathan.  Mateusz was bivvied up in Tea Party 1 this week, and was fishing 20 wraps straight out in front, using IQ D rigs over Mainline Cell boilies he landed five fish including a 30lb mirror on the Monday morning.

Jonathan was fishing next door in Tea Party 2.  He was casting torwards the oppsite tree line and 10 wraps to the right of the swim with combi rigs and baiting up with Cell boilies and our own pellet, then fishing Giganticas' Banoffee wafters over the top of this.  Jonathan landed some very nice fish during the week including a 38lb mirror.


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