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  • Ian Ball with 3 scales at 50lbs 12oz
  • Mike with a 37lbs mirror
  • Stefan with the Lake Record Common at 44lbs
  • Stef with The Harrier at 41lbs
  • Ian with Frankie at 43lb
  • Colin with a PB 41lb common, known as The Wedge
  • Richard with a 32lbs mirror

Ian Ball with 3 scales at 50lbs 12oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/07/2016



The Gigantica Road Lake has been on form again this week with a impressive 40 fish out, 4 of them tipping the scales over the 40lb barrier.  And best of all a 3 Scale breaking into the 50lb catagory coming out at 50lb 12oz.

We had really nice weather this week, the sun was shining and the temperatures were up around the low thirties, proper summer holiday weather.

Father and son Steven and Michael Hurst returned this year and chose to bivvy up in Tea Party 2 and The Birches.

Michael was fishing in The Birches and was casting around the 20 wrap bar spot out in front of this swim.  Fishing two rods on the bar and his third at 19 ½ wraps just in front.  Using a mixture of IQ D and Blow Back rigs with both the Gigantica special Banoffee and Spicy Active Wafters glugged with Mike's favorite Goo, King Crab.  Baiting up with a combination of Mainlines Cell and Gigantica pellet, Mike landed a 24lb common and a PB mirror weighing in at 37lb.

Colin Hayes and Stefan Rodowicz also returned for another go on the Road Lake.

Colin was fishing in The Brambles swim this week, and after a couple of days of practicing his casting he was effectively fishing the 20 wrap gravel bar.  Baiting up daily with 3kg of Cell and pellet, then using Banoffee wafters teamed up with Blow Back rigs Colin landed a 22lb common and a PB on Friday evening, a 41lb common known as The Wedge.

Stef bivvied up in The Decoy swim.  Fishing in front of and on top of the bar worked very well for him this week. He rigged up and cast out the every popular IQ D rigs with a mixture of Gigantica Banoffee, Essential Cell and standard Cell wafters fished over the same flavored boilies and Gigantica pellet.  Baiting up with a throwing stick and a spod throughout the day worked to good effect.  Stef landed a very credible 15 fish including three different thirties and The Lake Record Common at 44lb.

The last return visitor this week was Richard Amos, who brought with him his mate Ian Ball.  Richard was in The Beach this week, being a swim that has been in form of late.  Fishing 25 wraps towards the left had corner and 7 to the right of the swim. Richard baited up with a 5kg mixture of boilie and pellet per day.  Richard landed eight fish including a 32lb mirror on Thursday.

Ian Ball was the real winner this week.  Bivvying up in Dunkerque and fishing straight out at 15 wraps over a mix of boilie and pellet he landed 11 fish throughout the week.  Five of them were thirties, also a forty by the name of Frankie and the real cherry on the cake was 3 Scale tipping the scales to 50lb 12oz and becoming our fourth 50lb fish in the lake.  Massive well done to Ian on his fishing for the week.

We hope to see you all back again soon.


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