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  • Carl Ellis with Big Pecks at 44lb
  • Kevin with a 38lb mirror
  • Jaymes with Toucan at 40lb
  • Jaymes with a 31lb common

Carl Ellis with Big Pecks at 44lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/06/2016

Beautiful sunshine and warm temperature welcomed the guys on the Gigantica Road Lake this week. The fishing was slow to start but once the bait had been in the right place for a few days the fish got their heads down and some amazing fish were landed throughout the rest of the week, coming out at all times of the day. We had a Diver in this week so we were able to do lots of work removing snags from all over the lake.

Daniel Smith chose to bivvy up in Bachillers this week. He was using Size 4 IQ D rigs teamed up with the ever popular Banoffee wafters, fishing over a bed of Cell and pellet torwards the left hand margin and 10 wraps to the right. Dan landed 7 really pretty fish throughout the week. 

Kevin Taiani decided to fish from Birches this week and was fishing the popular 20 wrap mark straight out in front of the swim.  Baiting with 15kg of Cell boilie during the week and matching this with Cell wafters as hook bait.  Kevin managed to land a really nice 38lbs 4oz mirror on the Wednesday. 

Carl Ellis was fishing in Brambles, up until Thursday when he then moved into the new swim The Beach. Carl was using using IQ D rigs on size 4 Kurv shank hooks with Banoffee Wafters over a mixture of Cell and Hybrid boilies.  Fishing towards the 20 wrap mark out of Brambles Carl landed an incredible 7 thirties, then on Thursday after his move into the Beach he landed a 44lb mirror know as Big Pecks. 

Tony Taiani was in The Decoy this week. He was fishing simple hair rigs and IQ D rigs over Mainline Cell boilie out at 21 wraps straight out in front of him. Tony landed four fish during the week including a very pretty 37lb common, another common of 33lb and a 33lbs mirror.

Jaymes Brown, who was our diver for the week, bivvied up in Tea Party 2 and was fishing the left hand tree line and also 20 wraps towards the over hanging tree.  Fishing with a mixture of Mainlines Hybrid and Cell boilies plus some pellet Jaymes landed 8 fish including a 40lb mirror, known as Toucan, and 3 thirties. 

Kevin Ransome fished in Tea Party 1.  He was fishing the left hand margin at just eight wraps and landed a 38lb mirror from this spot, using Banoffee wafters combined with a multi rig.  His other rods were on the 20 wrap mark straight out in front and from here Kevin landed a nice 30lb mirror also on Banoffee wafters and a multi rig.

A massive thank you to Jaymes this week for all of his work he done during the week on both lakes, he managed to remove a lot of snags so should result in more fish being banked.  Cheers mate. 

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