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  • Andy Dalton with Big Mac at 48lb
  • David with Big Jon at 40lb 8oz
  • Darren and a 35lb common
  • Tony and a 30lb common
  • Phil with a 23lb mirror
  • David with a 22lb common
  • Jeffrey and with an 18lb common

Andy Dalton with Big Mac at 48lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/06/2016



Another impressive haul of fish this week, a total of 56 fish coming out from all over the lake, which is good news.  The weather was up and down all week, we had warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine followed by heavy rain showers.

In Turtles Corner this week we had Steve Lacey.  Steve was fishing towards the tree line at 16 wraps and towards Tea Party 1 at 20 wraps.  Steve was using IQ D rigs with Banoffee wafters over a mix of boilie and pellet.  Steve landed four fish including two thirties, the first being a 31lb and his biggest a 36lb, both mirrors.

Neil French was bivvied up in the Single Boards swim for the week.  Again, like most who visit, Neil fished IQ D rigs but his was tied with Krank hooks insted of the more popular Kurv hooks, and was casting 10 wraps straight out in front of his swim.  Neil landed a very nice 25lb common during his week.

Darren Moore was set up in Bachillers this week.  Darren was using size 6 Korda Wide Gape hooks on simple knotless knot hair rigs.  Fishing towards the left hand margin and over boilie and pellet, he went on to land four fish for the week, the largest fish being a 35lb common.

Tony Britton was in Tea Party 1 this week, fishing all three of his rods straight out in front of him at 20 wraps.  Tony's largest fish this week for his work was a 30lb common.  Tony's dad, Paddy, was fishing in Tea Party 2 this week next to his son.  Paddy was using Mainline Cell boilies and basic hair rigs.   Paddy landed several fish throughtout the week including a 22lb common. 

Jeffrey Hendrix started the week Fishing from The Poo where he was fishing 15 wraps out over boilie and pellet.  Then on the Monday moved into The Brambles swim.  In here Jeffrey was fishing out on the 21 wrap spot straight out in front.  An area that has been producing fish of late.  Jeffery ended up landed 12 fish throughout the week including a 24lb common on Wednesday. 

Andy Dalton returned this week and picked to fish in the newly formed swim, named The Beach.  This new swim is based at the top right corner of the lake as you look at the map of the venue and has proved to be a popular swim already.  Andy was using IQ D rigs and Banoffee wafters, a winning combination.  Fishing his three rods with the left hand rod cast towards the left hand margin, middle rod 12 wraps straight out in front and finally his right hand rod seven wraps to his right just off the marginal shelf.  Andy managed to have 11 runs this week and landed seven of these, including the very impressive Big Mac at 48lb.  This fish seems to like this area. 

David Potter bivvied up in Dunkerque this week, next door to his mate Phil Smith who was in The Cage.  David was fishing with blow back rigs doubled up with Mainline Hybrid wafters fished over Cell boilie and pellet.  David landed seven fish including an impressive 40lb 8oz mirror, known as Big Jon, on the Monday morning.

Phil Smith was fishing in The Cage with two of his rods cast towards the right hand margin and his third rod fished five wraps straight out in front of him.  Using Mainline Cell boilies during the week he landed 11 fish, including a 25lb common on the Sunday morning.

We still have some spaces availble during the next couple of months, if you would like a last minute trip, or even make a booking for 2017, then visit the website for further information.

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