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  • Richard Mccarthy with big mac at 47lbs
  • Jamie Lord with the Unnamed Common at 44lbs
  • Lee's Common at 39lb 3oz
  • jake with a 33lbs mirror
  • Jake with a 27lbs mirror
  • Ed Wade with a 25lbs common
  • Dave with a 25lbs common
  • Stunning 21lb Mirror

Richard Mccarthy with big mac at 47lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/06/2016

This week we have had an impressive 54 fish out of the Gigantica Road Lake.

The weather was unpredictable to say the least, with scorching sun and heavy rain occurring randomly throughout the week.


Jamie Lord was fishing from the Tea Party 2 swim, casting towards the over hanging tree and the opposite margin. During the week Jamie landed 11 fish with his largest being The Unnamed Common, weighing in at 44lbs 13oz and also managed another good fish again a common.  This one is known as Lee's Common, and was landed at a spawned out weight of 39lb 3oz.  Jamie also managed a stunning mirror weighing 21lb, but size was irrelevant when it looked like this one.

Richard Mccarthy started the week in Brambles then mid week moved to the complete oposite end of the lake into Shingles. During his days spent in Brambles Richard was fishing at 20 wraps.  From here Richard landed a 29lb common on Saturday evening and also managed to catch Big Mac at 47lb 13oz on the Sunday.  Then after his move into The Shingles he managed to land three more fish up to 30lb's. 

Fishing from The Decoy this week was Dave Mac.  Dave was fishing 20 wraps straight out in front of him on the gravel bar.  Baiting up with 2kg of boilie per day Dave landed three fish, with his largest fish being a 33lb 6oz common on the Tuesday morning. 

Lee Weller picked the new swim, The Beach this week.  Lee was fishing the first of his rods ten wraps towards the left hand margin, the second 22 wraps towards the new dam wall that has blocked off he snag bay and lastly his third and final rod was fished severn wraps towards the Decoy swim.  Lee was using multi rigs to good effect, having landed six fish during the week with his largest fish being a 34lb mirror caught and landed on the Wednesday.

Martyn Weller started the week fishing from The Birches and then moved into Dunkerque mid week.  During the week Martyn landed a total of six fish throughout the week including a very nice 17lb 6oz mirror. 

Ed Wade was a real traveller this week, starting the week in Dunkerque then later in the week moved into Billies and then into Bachillers. Using Mainline Cell boilies Ed landed an amazing 22 fish haul, mostly catching them all from the margins including a 35lb and a 32lb mirror. 

This week we had some guys over helping out for a work party, a massive thank you to them for voluntering and for them coming over and helping.  

Firstly, Jake Homewood was fishing from Turtles Corner and cast over towards the tree line between 16 to 19 wraps. Jake baited with our exclusive Mainline Spicy Active boilie and used Banoffee wafters.  Jake landed severn fish including a 37lb common, not bad for just fishing over nighters between working. 

Anthony Hornsby started the week in The Shingles and then moved into Single Boards on Tuesday morning.  Also like Jake, he used Spicy Active and Banoffee wafters and managed to land a very nice 32lb mirror. 

Richard Stansfield was bivvied up in Tea Party 1 this week and was using the ever faithful IQ D rigs and Banoffee wafters. Fishing to his left hand margin Richard landed a nice 20lb common.


Please remember, if visiting the venue over the next couple of weeks, please bring some wellies with you due to the rain that we have experienced recently.


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