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  • Danny Eastwood with The Beard at 51lbs 8oz
  • 40lbs mirror from The Decoy
  • 41lb 8oz
  • 45lb Frankie
  • 43lbs 7oz
  • 41lb 8oz The Harrier
  • 45lbs 8oz
  • 42lbs mirror
  • 43lb 5oz The Decoy
  • 47lb 8oz The Hammer
  • 44lb The Snub Nosed

Danny Eastwood with The Beard at 51lbs 8oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/05/2016

A week of 40's for the Gigantica Road Lake this week. Wet and generally unpleasant weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits with a total of 10 forties and a lake record equalling 50 gracing the banks.

Paul Burt was in The Cage this week, fishing towards the right hand margin Paul was using IQ D rigs and Banoffee wafters over 1kg of Mainline Cell per day. Paul managed to land three fish for the week including a 26lb mirror on Wednesday morning. 

Danny Eastwood bivvied up in The Beach and what a week Danny had. Danny was fishing his first rod seven wraps to the right of the swim, the second 21 wraps straight out and his third 14 wraps to the left. Using Banoffee wafters and the ever faithful IQ D rigs over 3kg of boilie per day he landed a 41lb 8oz mirror and an incredible 51lb 8oz mirror on Wednesday, known as The Beard, equalling the lake record.  He also managed to land a 41lb 8oz and a 45lb mirror on Thursday. Awesome stuff.

Brian Collins chose to fish in The Decoy this week.  Fishing 20 wraps straight out in front over 50 baits for each rod Brian landed an impressive four 40’s; a 43lb 8oz mirror on Monday, a 45lb 3oz mirror on Thursday and then two 40's on Friday with the largest being a 43lb 2oz common.

Keith Hayes was bivvied up in Birches, fishing his rods between 7-10 wraps towards Billie’s, and fished over 10kg of boilie. Using IQ D rigs Keith landed a nice 42lb 8oz mirror in Friday.

Jacqueline and David Eastwood were fishing in T1 and T2 this week.  They were both fishing with IQ D rigs and Banoffee wafters over a mixture of Mainline boilies and High Impact ground bait. David landed a 32lb common on Sunday and Jacqueline followed this by landing a 26lbs mirror on the Tuesday.

Matthew Scott was in Turtles Corner this week fishing 16 wraps towards the trees. Using Hybrid and Activ-8 boilies along with IQ D rigs, Matthew landed an impressive 11 fish.  This included two forties, one of which was The Snub Nosed mirror at 44lb and the largest of his captures weighing in at 47lb 8oz, a fish known as The Hammer.

A very impressive week for the Road Lake this week, we still have some places left for 2016 that can be viewed on the website.

Tight Lines.