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  • Kev with Toucan at 40lb2oz from Billys
  • A 25lb Common from Billys
  • Kev with a 24lb Common
  • A cracking 39lb12oz mirror for Frazer
  • Frazer with a 22lb8oz Common
  • 32lb8oz mirror from Turtles
  • Ben with a 38lb8oz Mirror from New Beach
  • Don't forget to bring your Scales
  • Phil with a 32lb Common from T1

Kev with Toucan at 40lb2oz from Billys


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/05/2016


We have had a tough time on the Road Lake this week with the fish grouping up and showing early signs of spawning; There were still a few fish out though. The weather wasn’t kind to us also this week, we had wind, rain and even some sun shine, with temperature going up to 25 degrees through the day and down to a cool 6 degrees at night. The lake temperature is at a steady 18 degrees. We had a northerly southerly and even a westerly wind this week, it changed direction nearly every other day. 

First of the mark was Frazer Cadman who was set up in Turtles, he had a total of 6 carp which included 3 x 30’s to 39lb 4oz, three doubles’ and a 22lb 8oz common. All three rods were wrapped at 18 rod lengths, they were then cast just off the left hand margin and then he was going round and baiting up every day before dinner with 2kg of Mainline Cell boilies. Frazer was presenting his hookabits on the IQ D rig with a Gigantica Banoffee wafter.

Kevin Lawrence was set up in Billys. Kevin managed a total of eight carp, which included four double’s, 3 x 20’s and a cracking 40lb 2oz mirror called Toucan. These fish all come from the right hand margin just off the over hanging tree at 14 wraps. His other rod was cast 11 wraps towards the gap on the right hand margin. Kevin was going round three times a day and baiting up with a kilo of Mainline Cell boilies. Kevin again was using the IQ D rig with a Mainline Cell Wafter as his hook bait.

Ben Gillich started in Brambles and he decided to fish all three rods to the Plato at 20 wraps. The plato goes from 19ft up to 15ft, which is straight inline with the big tree on the far bank. Ben spodded out 5kg of Mainline Hybrid boilies over the next couple of day’s, after no activity he moved round to the new Beach swim, where he had seen a few carp show. He put all three rods in a line, and baited up with 2kg of Mainline Hybrid boilies and fished a Mainline Hybrid wafter over the top. On the last evening he had a cracking 38lb 8oz mirror, a Korda KD ready tired rig done the trick for Ben in landing his fish.

Steve Brown was fishing from Tea Party 2. He was casting over to the over hanging tree at 25 wraps, all three of his rods were cast in a line. On Saturday night he had a take on his left hand rod, which resulted in a small double, after a few days he moved one of his other rods over to the left hand margin which was cast at 18 wraps in-line with the gap on the far bank. Over the week he used 15kg of boilies in total. Steve used a variety of rig’s over the week, but unfortunately the carp were not playing game.

Phil Brown was set up in Tea Party 1, he was fishing his left hand rod just to the left of the swim in-line with the road sign on the far bank. The middle and right hand rod was cast in-line with turtles, over the week he used 15kg of Mainline Cell boilies. It wasn’t until Monday morning that Phil had a take on his right hand rod, after a good battle he went and had a cracking 32lb common, it came on the IQ D rig with a Mainline Cell wafter.

Its been a tough week on the Road Lake with the carp starting to spawn, but the lads worked really hard and it payed off for them in the end.