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  • Mark with a 37lb8oz mirror
  • Mainline Hybrid wafters and boilies
  • Mark with a 30l 8oz mirror
  • 24lb4oz from brambles
  • iQ D rig with a banoffee wafter
  • mainline boilies work well in the road lake
  • Darren with a 15lb 8oz common
  • don't forget to bring your Scales
  • The new beach swim

Mark with a 37lb8oz mirror


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Available Spaces
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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/04/2016

Spring is truly here the trees are starting to look greener every week, and the day time temperature has been getting up to 10 degrees, with the water temperature is at 8 degrees and climbing every week.  For most of the week the wind has been coming from the west, with the carp being more active over the past couple of weeks with the temperature rising now.

On the Road Lake this week we had nine anglers, all eager to get fishing as we all would be.  We had three of the lads from Dovetail Games, the new fishing game from them is well worth a look.  This was their first time at Gigantica and all were feeling very excited.

Mark Greenway, one of the Dovetail Games boys, who was set up in Brambles started off with his first Gigantica Road Lake carp of 20lb 3oz.  He was fishing straight out in front of the swim towards the gravel bar at 20 wraps.  Using the IQ D rig with a size 4 Korda Kurv hook teamed up with a Mainline Hybrid wafter as hook bait nailed this common.  Through out the week he went on to have a 24lb 4oz mirror and two thirties’ to 37lb 8oz.  Mark was baiting up every day before dinner with 3kg of Mainline Hybrid boilies.

Darren Noakes, one of the other lads from Dovetail Games, spent the week set up in Shingles.  He started of by putting all three rods straight out in front at 16 wraps.  He baited up every day with 3kg mix of hemp, maize and boilie.  The next morning he went and had a 15lb 1oz common, this come on a ready tired IQ D rig size 4 and a Gigantica special Banoffee wafter.  Later that day he noticed some fish activity along the left hand margin, so not wanting to miss out on this at this time of year he moved one of his rods down there and baited up with a kilo of mixed particles and chopped Mainline Cell boilies.  The next morning he goes and has another 15lb common, this also come on a Banoffee wafter, then on Friday morning his rod in open water ripped off.  Could you believe it, he lands another 15lb common!

Liam Burkin was set up in Tea Party 1, he managed three fish all over 30lb’s.  His largest being a 38lb Common.  They all come on chod rigs combined with the Gigantic special Banoffee pop ups as his hook baits.  Liam was fishing two of his rod’s at 18 wraps towards the corner just to the right of Turtle’s Corner swim and his other rod was cast at 18 wraps straight out in front.  Liam was baiting up over each spot with 3kg of boilies every day before dinner.

Dean Marshall was set up in Birches through out the week.  Dean had three mirrors up to 33lb during the week.  He was casting his left hand rod to a gravely spot at 14 wraps just to the left of the swim, and using the IQ D rig with a Mainline Cell wafter was the rig working to good effect to land these three 30lb carp.  His other two rods were cast straight out in front at 18 wraps to a soft area where he baited up with 2kg of Mainlines' Cell boilies.

There are still limited places available for the coming year, although they are filling up fast. You can make a booking directly by contacting 01268 820440.