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  • Alan Stevenson with The Hammer from Turtles Corner
  • Steve French with Big Mack at 46lb 14oz
  • Pin Scale at 43lb 2oz
  • A new 40 at 41lb 1oz
  • Patch at 39lb
  • 37lb 15oz for Steve in The Beach
  • Steve French with a 31lb 13oz mirror
  • 30lb 9oz from The Beach swim
  • The new beach swim
  • Rob Dare with a 31lb Mirror
  • Mark Collins with a 28lb Common
  • Rob Dare with a 21lb Mirror

Alan Stevenson with The Hammer from Turtles Corner


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Available Spaces
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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/04/2016

Gigantica Road lake has been fishing well since the lake underwent some major changes this winter, with a snaggy bay having been completely blocked off.This was an area where a lot of fish spent a lot of time and couldn't really be fished for safely, so a bund was put in to block it off and now the fish are in the main body of the lake and are moving around more. 

Since the lake has re-opened it has been fishing well, especially now it has started to warm up with high teens during the days, although there are still some chilly nights.  There was also plenty of work carried out on the swims during the shutdown to make them even more comfortable to fish from and to make your stay with us that bit more memorable.

We have also created a new swim on the venue, this is called The Beach and is located near far car park behind the swim known as Dunkerque.  This is a large swim and faces towards what was the old snag bay and covers that top corner area of water that has pritty much not been fished before, so I am sure is set to be a great swim.

The latest group of anglers to visit the Road Lake have enjoyed some great sport, landing plenty of fish including four over the 40lb barrier. 

Pick of the catches went to Steve French, who set up in the newley created swim called The Beach.  Steve went on to land 12 fish, including 3 of the 40's for the week.  Steve's best fish of the week was Big Mack at 46lb 14oz, a fish that last came out at 51lb in October.  I am sure this fish will be on the feed again now that anglers bait will be going in so am sure will be back over 50lb for its next capture.  Other notable fish for Steve was Pin Scale at 43lb 2oz and a common weighing 41lb 1oz, which is a new 40lb fish for the venue.  Steve also managed alongside his 40's to land a number of nice 30's up to 39lb, a fish known as Patch.  He kepted the fish coming by changing his spots every few days and feeding reguarly.

Alan Stevenson also had a good trip fishing from Turtles Corner, landing 13 fish including a 46lb 8oz mirror known as The Hammer.  Alan fished over a mixture of Mainline Hybrid boilies and maize, casting 60 yards along the tree line.

Some places are still available for 2016, so why not get yourself booked in for a week's holiday at the Road Lake and get amoungst some of these fast growing carp.