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  • shaun with a 43lb 4oz mirror
  • A view of the lake
  • richard with his 30lb 10oz common
  • a nice 30lb common for peter
  • a view towards billys
  • a 35lb mirror for richard
  • richard with his 33lb mirror
  • Please can you bring your own scales to Gigantica road lake

shaun with a 43lb 4oz mirror


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/10/2015

Autumn is well and truly here, with the nighttime temperature dropping down to a rather chilly six degrees at night and daytime temperatures remaining at around sixteen degrees, we had plenty of rain during the start of the week. The sun made an appearance towards the end of the week making it feel quit pleasant. 

Martin Lawrence was set up in Dunkerque he was fishing all three rods at 5rl just to the left of the swim he was baiting up every day with about 200 boilies over all three rods.  Over the week he had 7 x 20s to 26lb 8oz and 1 double. A simple IQ D rig with a Banoffee wafter out witted these Road Lake carp. 

Mark Sheaft was fishing in double boards he had 2 x doubles, 4 x 20s to 29lb 4oz and a 30lb 4oz mirror.  All three rods were cast straight out in front at 40 yards where he baited with 10kg of boilies throughout the week with a Cell wafter on the IQ D rig was Marks chosen rig for the week. 

Richard Howland was set up in Birches and throughout the week Richard had 3 x 30s to 35lb and a double.  Richard was using Mainline Hybrid boilies along with a stiff hinge rig with a Milky Toffee pop up soaked in Tiger Nut Goo done the business for him. 

Peter Scott was in Tea Party 1 and had 2 x 20s to 29lb 8oz and a nice 32lb 2oz mirror.   Peters rods were clipped up at 18rl and cast in-between Turtles and Shingles.  He was baiting up every day with his spod and throwing stick with a couple kilos of boilies.  Peter like most choose the IQ D rig with a Cell wafter doing the trick.  A proven rig that never seems to fail. 

Shaun Fischer was set up in Turtles and he was fishing all three rods at 18rl towards Tea party 1.  A simple blow back rig done the business for Shaun where he had a cracking 43lb 4oz mirror and was Spoding out every day with a few kilos of boilies. 

Martin Finn was in Decoy and was fishing all 3 rods at 13rl just to the right of the big round tree on the far bank.  Martin had a nice 31lb mirror and through the course of the week he spodded out 30kg of boilies and 3kg of pellets.  Rig choice was a D rig with a Spicy Crab wafter doing the job for Martin. 

Justin Pepler was in The Goo, he had 2 rods at 15 rl towards the 2 round trees on the far bank and the other rod he fished down the margin.  Simple D rigs done the job for Justin where he had a 26lb common and he was baiting up every day with only a few kilos of boilies with his throwing stick to scatter the boilies around a large area. 

Well that’s it for another week here on the Road Lake, a bit slower from last week but due to the weather turning colder I'm sure.  As the carp start to get use to the temperature dropping they will certainly start to get on the feed again with some good fish coming out in the next couple of weeks.  There are only a couple of weeks left of The Road Lake season and I’m sure there will be a few more surprises maybe another new 50lb fish? Who knows time will only tell.