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  • Dan with the impressive Hammer at 47.00lbs
  • Glynn with Em's the biggest of his 6x40's!!
  • 'Lake Record Common' @ 41.00lb common for Glynn
  • Calum with 'The Harrier' first time over 40lb, 42.00lbs mirror
  • Another 40 for Glynn, 'The Carp Acadeny Common'
  • Tom with a solid 39.00lbs mirror from Bachelier's
  • Dunkerque the swim to be in this week!
  • A rather happy Glynn
  • A view from the Bivvy
  • A stunning mirror for Simon
  • A 31.00lbs common
  • one of 10x30's for Glynn
  • The final fish of Glynn's amazing session!

Dan with the impressive Hammer at 47.00lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/10/2015

Autumn is well and truly here, with the night time temperature dropping down to a rather chilly six degrees at night and daytime temperatures remaining at around sixteen degrees with plenty of rain during the start of the week. The sun made an appearance towards the end of the week making it feel quit pleasant.

The quality of the fish out this week was second to none as no fewer that 8x40’s where landed along with 20x30’s up to 39.12lbs and plenty of back up 20’s kept the sport hectic for some.

First off this week and top rod was Glynn Pinchbeck who decided on Dunkerque. For the week Glynn managed a rather impressive twenty-three fish including 6x40’s the best a mirror weighing 44lb. This also included commons of 41lb 8oz, 40lb 2oz, 41lb and mirrors weighing 40lb 2oz and 41lb 12oz. Along with this Glynn also managed 10x30’s up to 39lb 12oz a truly amazing session.  Fishing all three rods at 20RL towards the island in front of Tea Party 2 Glynn introduced 20 kilo of Spicy Active boilie over the week either with a spomb or throwing stick.  Rig wise Glynn used a simple blowback rig snowman style with either a pink or yellow topper.

Next up in Tea Party 1 we had Jamie Murrey who ended the week with a very creditable nine fish the best a mirror weighing 32lb 2oz. Jamie fished at 18RL towards Shingles and baited up with 4 kilo of boilies per day spread across all three rods just before dinner. Rig wise Jamie used a combi-rig along with some of his home made hook baits.

In The Poo this week we had Daniel Clyne, Dan fished the days in The Wall and The Slags bay and managed a total of four fish the best thought a truly awesome carp that goes by the name of The Hammer at a massive weight of 47lb, another fish that will soon be 50lb'er for sure. Again on a combi rigs and home made hook baits. In The Poo Dan fished at 15RL and introduced 3 kilo per day spread across all three rods.

Fishing Decoy this week we had Steve Davies, Steve managed a few fish for the week the best a 35lb common. Unfortunately for Steve the fish never showed up in his area until the last night when he managed three bites all in quick succession.  Fishing at 20RL towards the far bank Steve baited with a little and often approach with Hybrid boilies and fished a snowman hookbait over the top.

In The Cage we had Sean Farrar.  Along with playing the part of net man to Glynn, Sean also managed to get amongst them as he managed five fish the best a 33lb common that was also a PB for Sean. Fishing at 18RL straight out and fishing over 5kilo of boilie.

In Bachelier’s this week we had Tom McCarthy. Tom managed a total of four fish for the week the best a mirror weighing 39lb 6oz. Tom started off in The pPo and after seeing a few fish show moved into Bachelier’s a moved that certainly paid off. Fishing at 20RL towards the over hanging tree.

Calum Stoker decided on Brambles and considering he had a broken leg caused by some drunken antics a few weeks prior to his trip.  He coped rather well with a little help from his mates he managed to land a PB mirror of 42lb, along with a further 4x20’s up to 28lb. Callum fished at 20RL and introduced 3kilo of boilies per day using a throwing stick and fished IQ D rigs over the top with a Banoffee wafter as a hookbait.

Finally in Billys we had Simon.  Simon managed seven fish for the week the best a 33lb. Fishing at 20RL towards the far margin and used 10kilo of boilie for the week and fished Hybrid wafters over the top.

Some Quality fish where caught this week and with only a couple of weeks left of The Road Lake season I’m sure there will be a few more surprise’s maybe another new 50lber? Who knows time will only tell.