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  • Ash with a classic 33lbs Gigantica road lake mirror
  • a 32lbs mirror for rick
  • howard and a 32lbs mirror
  • Terry and his 35lbs mirror
  • howard with a pretty 25lbs common
  • Andy with his 30lbs common

Ash with a classic 33lbs Gigantica road lake mirror


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/09/2015

A return for a group of lads from Manchester bringing with them a few new faces.

We had a change in the weather this week with a drizzly start to the week then on Wednesday afternoon just before dinner the heavens opened, cooling the water temperatures down to around 20 degrees, which was sure to have a positive impact on the fishing – exactly what we needed. 

Fishing in turtles was Alex Minister (known to his friends as the ninja turtle).  Alex was fishing snowman style hook baits on blowback rigs with his left rod 18wraps towards the island, and his other 2 rods fished 21 wraps further right towards a large tree. Baiting up with 3kg of boilie before dinner and topping up with half a kilo of boilie after every fish. Alex landed an impressive 16 fish having 2 forties, his first was Ems at 42lb then finishing the week off in style with The Hammer at 47lb in the net on Friday night. 

Gary Roada in Shingles fished hard all week baiting with 10kg of boilie 18 wraps out in front towards The Poo. Gary landed a very pretty 32lb mirror on Thursday morning. 

Terry Sanders fishing in Double Boards Landed 13 fish towards the end of the week his largest was a 33lb mirror. Terry was using a braided hair rig with snowman style hook baits over pellet and boilie. 

Andy Sandiford bivvied up in Single Boards used snowman hook baits towards the right hand margin. Andy landed 5 fish his largest was a 25lb common on Wednesday morning. 

Paul ”toffee” Toft was in The Poo, and fishing 13 wraps straight out in front with one rod down in the left margin.  Baiting up with 2kg of boilie per rod over snowman hook baits Paul landed 2 fish a 24lb 8oz and a 32lb 12oz mirror. 

Howard Dowell in the Birches was using hinge stiff and IQ D rigs baiting up with 1kg of boilie twice a day, fishing 21 wraps towards billies. Howard landed a nice 35lb common on Wednesday morning. 

Mike in the Brambles was fishing 13.5 wraps straight out in front over a large main baited area of boilie and corn. Using wafters and snowman hook baits Mikes largest fish was a 31lb common. 

In Decoy this week was Ash Blackburn, he was using D-rigs over a baited area at 19 warps towards a large tree to the right on the opposite bank.  Ash landed 7 fish, 5 commons and 2 mirrors; the largest was a 33lb mirror on Monday morning. 

Adey Roberts landed back in Billies, same as last year. Adey was using IQ D rigs with snowman hook baits.  Baiting an open water spot 17 wraps towards Birches with 20 spods of chopped and whole boilies and baited a spot on the right hand tree line with similar amounts of bait.  

‘Turtles’ obviously the swim to be in at the moment produced a haul of fish making it top pickings for the commencing week. 

There’s a carpy autumnal feel in the air and the fish are putting on weight by the second.  I suspect a few of the real big’uns will be gracing the banks soon.


That’s all for this week see you all soon.


Bonne Pêche