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  • Ben with The Wright FIsh at 50.04lbs!!!
  • Fish on!!! which turned out to be.......
  • ....The Unnamed Common at 44.07lbs
  • Stu with Frankie @ 44.00lbs mirror form Dunkerque
  • Harrison with Petal at 40lbs
  • Ben with a a chunky 38.12lbs mirror
  • A 37.10lbs mirror for Rob
  • One of Robs ten 30's from Decoy
  • A 34.00lb common for Paul
  • The business end  The Wright Fish just couldn't ignore!!
  • A nice mid 30 for Ben
  • A typical Road Lake common
  • Sunrise from Turtles Corner
  • one of ten 30's for Rob
  • 35.12lbs mirror for Ben
  • Another Road Lake 30 for Ben
  • Harris with a mint Road Lake common
  • A 33.00lb common from Dunkerque
  • A typical Road Lake mirror

Ben with The Wright FIsh at 50.04lbs!!!


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/09/2015

A Rather cool autumn feel this week, and a more than welcome drop in temperature. Highs of twenty-three degrees where recorded on Wednesday afternoon and at nights temperatures as low as seven. Water temperature has dropped slightly and now reads twenty-two. All this was down to a cool northerly wind that blow for the duration of the week.

Never the less the fishing never suffered and remained hectic at times and some of the Road Lakes A Team made an appearance.

As we are on the subject of A Team there is know better place to start this week than in Turtles Corner.

Occupying the swim this week we had Ben Larter and his partner Hannah and what a team they are, although Hannah doesn’t fish she is more than willing to help with netting fish, chopping up bait filling up the Spomb and generally loves seeing carp on the bank. Along with some good angling from Ben the pair managed an impressive nineteen fish haul that included some of the Road Lakes finest. Firstly a new PB for Ben. A fish that goes by the Name of The Wright Fish and a fish destined for a massive weight in the future settled the scales at 50lb 4oz and a new fifty pounder for the Road Lake, this is a truly amazing carp.  Along with this Ben also landed 5x30’s with the best being a mirror weighing 38lb 12oz and 1x40 in the shape of the ever impressive Unnamed Common at 44lb 7oz, along with countless twenty’s up to 29lb.  All of Bens fish came to an open water spot at 18RL towards Tea Party 1 and Tea Party 2 where he baited heavily with boilie in fact between 7-8 kilo per day was deposited with the aid of a spomb just before dinner. Rig wise Ben used a 9” rig, which was made up using a 20lb N-Trap Hooklink and a Korda Kaptor Choddy hook; Hookbait was again the ever-faithful Spicy Active Wafter.

Over in Decoy this week we had Rob and for the week Rob managed a very impressive haul of twenty-eight fish a true credit for how hard he worked to keep the bites coming.  Robs haul included 10x30’s the best being a brace of commons weighing 38lb this was also followed up with mirrors of 37lb 10oz and 36lb 10oz, also included Rob managed a further ten fish over 25lb.  Fishing at 23RL towards the far margin Rob baited with six kilo of Sticky Baits Vortex boilies per day spread across all three rods and fished double bottom baits on a D rig seemed to be the winning formula for Rob.  After losing a few fish to begin with rob stepped up from a size 6 Kurv to a size 4 Krank a change that defiantly paid off.  Good skills mate.

Fishing in Dunkerque and The Cage this week we had farther and Son duo Trevor and Stuart Hopper.  Between them they managed a creditable fifteen fish haul with the best falling to the rods of Stu as he landed a stunning mirror weighing 44lb 11oz from Dunkerque a true brute of a fish and again another destined for a big weight in the future, along with a brace of thirty pound commons.

Fishing at 15RL towards the tall trees on the far margin a little and often approach was employed by both anglers as they fed a kilo of bait across all the rods three times a day.  Simple Knotless knot hair rigs and standard 18mm bottom baits where all that was needed to help land the fish for both Stu and Trevor.  After seeing a few fish showing short down his left hand margin Stu decided to drop a rod short and almost straight away was rewarded with his 44lb specimen mirror. Good angling mate.

Next up in Shingles we had Harris.  In a swim that has been tricky of late, Harris went on to land a very creditable nine fish this best a fine mirror weighing bang on 40lb.  This was also followed with 2 x 30’s the biggest a mirror of 36lb.   All of Harris’s fish came to his left hand margin spot at 12 RL towards the fallen tree. Bait wise for the week he found spoding a mixture of chopped and whole baits along with some boilie crumb kept the fish in the area for longer and rig wise a simple blow-back rig with a bottom bait and a yellow corn topper to help give him a little visual attraction to his hookbait seemed to be a clear winner for Harris.

Other noticeable captures for the week included Mark in The Goo who after helping himself to a couple of low 20’s decided on a move to Billy’s.  A move that paid off as he went on to land a mirror weighing 34lb 10oz.  

Also, long time regular Paul Gibbons helped himself to a mint 34lb mirror from Birches fishing at 18RL towards Billy’s.

Well what a week the quality of the fish this week are second to none, another new fifty pounder as well.  As the autumn arrives I’m sure a few more fish will make the jump from forty to fifty pounds. They are really getting on the munch now so feed them and you will be rewarded.

A quick note we did have a few hook pulls this week and I strongly recommend everyone who comes to The Road Lake to use a size four hook or even a two as they really do have big mouths and that little bigger hook seems to stay in longer. We have found people using the smaller sizes are suffering more hook pulls and using these bigger hooks defiantly helps reduce this.


See you all soon.