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  • Tim Gray with 'The Carp Academy Common' at 42lb 6oz
  • Rhys Kennington with 'Patch' at 39lbs
  • Rhys Kennington's 36lb mirror
  • 37lb 4oz
  • Decoy - 33lb 12oz
  • 31lb on the nose for Gareth in Decoy
  • 33lb Tea Party 1 August 2015
  • One of Owen 'Fish' James 30lb fish
  • Just shy of 30lb but a cracking typical Road Lake common
  • Andy with his mid 30lb Common
  • Rhys with a 38lb Mirror from The Birches
  • Biggest for Ben from Dunkerque
  • Keith with a nice looking Common from 'The Goo'
  • Ricahrd with a pretty Mirror from Shingles
  • Nice 20lb fish for Ben in Dunkerque
  • A pretty mirror for Adam in TP1
  • Keith fishing in 'The Goo'
  • Gareth's succesful business end
  • Gareth's baiting approach

Tim Gray with 'The Carp Academy Common' at 42lb 6oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/08/2015

With the Korda social extending on to the adjoining Road Lake the team were busy putting together some nice hits with Gareth Radley fishing in Decoy leading the way with 21 fish landed, five of these over the 30lb mark with the largest for him being a 37lb 4oz common falling to his rods over the week.

Using a mixture of Chilli Active and Banoffee wafters, Gareth tackled Decoy for a total of 28 bites with most of his fish falling to a heavily baited spot at 22 rod lengths towards the big tree in the corner. Size 4 Krank hooks and short Hybrid Stiff hook links on Dark Matter lead clip leaders forming Gareth’s successful set-up.  Reeling in an hour or so before dinner and baiting up and resting the swim for 2 or 3 hours worked well with most of his bites coming in the evenings.

Tim Gray landed the biggest fish of the week with a 42lb 6oz common from Turtles on an IQ2 fluorocarbon D-rig and wafter combination, again over a decent amount of Chilli Active bait.  Tim also accounted for a further 6 fish, giving him a 7 fish total, all caught on his IQ D-Rigs.  His biggest fish gained its name after a little help from DF in catching this fish.

Using a good helping of boilies is a must if you want to get multiple bites and the bigger carp. 

Doing just this, Rhys Kennington, fishing in The Birches landed 7 fish in the shape of 3 different 30's consisting of a 36, 38 and his biggest and new PB 39lb common on a mixture of wafters and snowman bottom bait presentations.

Andy Mison was fishing between Gareth and Rhys in Brambles and managed 6 fish up to 35lb.  Again most of Andy's fish were falling to snowman presented rigs fishing straight out at 18 rod lengths.

Fishing in Tea Party 1 we had Adam Chapman from Korda's sales team.  Adam managed to also beat his PB whilst out on the Road Lake, with a mirror carp weighing 33lb 4oz, well done mate! Adam collated a total of 9 fish during the week all falling to a mixture of Mainline Hybrid and Chilli Active boilies.  Rigs were constructed from Kamo coated braid hook link material, tied KD style to a size 4 Krank hook and baits were fished snowman style with small white toppers over a bait straight out of the bag.  All rods were fished over a large baited area straight out at 60yds.

Over in The Goo and The Poo, we had Keith Rayment and Owen (Fish) James.  Keith and Fish both only fished up until the Thursday due to other commitments.  Keith managed 5 fish with his largest being a 28lb Common, and 'Fish' spent a couple of days fishing in 'The Wall' and managed 3 fish a 20 and 2 others over 30lb.

In Shingles we had Richard Petal.  Again like Keith and Fish, Richard only fished up until the Thursday but still managed 5 fish with the largest of his captures weighing in at just over 30lb.  Richard had his captures on KD style rigs, made up from Kurv shank hooks to Kamo coated hook links.  Bait was a mixture of Banoffee wafters and snowman rigs comprising of Mainline's Hybrid bottom baits with a small Milky Toffee pop up as a topper.  Rods were fished close in down both sides of the swim on the marginal drop. 

Korda Europe’s Sebastian Lendzian also managed to make the trip and he managed a 36lb mirror and nine others from Billy’s, fish falling from his baited spots tight to the right tree line and also in open water straight out in front of him.

Ben Hervey-Murray racked up a series of 20s and doubles from Dunkerque for a 12-fish total on wafters and Krank D-rigs.  Ben fished over a heavily baited area straight out in front of him at approx 60 yds.


The team enjoyed the experience and would like to thank the bailiff's for the excellent hospitality from them all; Buzz, Adam and Steve – and also Danny for letting them all fish for the week and enjoy the amazing sport that Gigantica’s Road Lake has to offer.