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  • Ronnie with the newly named "Ron's" weighing in at 41lbs
  • Chris and a 37lbs mirror
  • Ash with a 24lbs common
  • Jay 'Moomin' at 44lbs
  • Ronnie and a 38lbs mirror
  • Ronnie and Emma with a 38lbs mirror
  • Chris with a 36lbs mirror

Ronnie with the newly named "Ron's" weighing in at 41lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/08/2015

We had another new 40 out this week, landed on Tuesday morning this time in Turtles to Ronnie “Sunshine” Oswald.  Ronnie’s better half Emma booked him a Surprise trip to Gigantica and the excitement didn’t end there with Ronnie landing 14 carp with 7 thirties, including a 38lbs 6oz common on Wednesday morning and the new 41lb mirror on Tuesday morning, which Ronnie has named Ron’s to go with another recent 40 Em’s.  Ronnie was fishing 2 rods 21 wraps in an area in-between Tea Party 1 and the island and 1 rod 21 wraps out towards a gap on the tree line.  Ronnie used blow back rigs with bottom baits with a small pineapple pop up topper and spoded out 4kg mix of Gigantica pellet, Mainline Spicy Active and maize over the areas each day. 

Ashley Shave was fishing in Single Boards, keeping things simple with braided bottom bait hair rigs and using a throwing stick to bait up landed a couple of nice commons including one at 24lb on Monday morning.  Ashley was fishing 2 rods 15 wraps to a gap on the tree line and one right in the corner baiting with 2 kg of boilie per day. 

Chris Meaton was fishing in Birches and what a week Chris had landing 18 carp, with six 30’s the largest a 37lb 8oz mirror on Tuesday morning.  Chris was fishing with combi rigs with wafters over 5kg of boilie crumb, chops and whole boilies per day and topping this up with 100 boilies after every fish.  He was fishing 20 wraps on the gravel bar straight out in front. 

Rob Collins was fishing in Dunkerque next door to his brother Jay in The Cage.

Rob was using combi rigs and flouro bottom baits and used a throwing stick to put out 5kg of boilie per day.  Rob landed three 30’s with his largest being a 36lb common on Tuesday morning.  

In the Cage was Jay Collins and fishing similar tactics to his brother landed a stunning common at breakfast on Sunday morning weighing in at 44lb, needless to say Jay was made up after a capture like that. 

After fishing Billies last year Lex Kembury was back in their this year.  Lex was fishing 2 rods over towards the trees one at 18 wraps and one at 21 wraps baiting with between 3-5 kg of crumbed and chopped boilies, and fishing an open water spot 17 wraps straight out in front with another 3kg of crumbed and chopped boilies.  Lex’s caputres included a pretty 28lb common on Sunday night. 

The weather in eastern France last week was all over the place with the temperatures, precipitation and cloud cover changing every day until Thursday evening when the temperatures rose and stayed hot for the end of the week.



Bonne Pêche