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  • jamie with Em's at 44lbs
  • Craig with a 35.00lbs mirror
  • Darren with a 36lbs mirror
  • Scott with a 33lbs mirror
  • Kiss the fish
  • matt and a 30lbs mirror
  • Neil with 'Mable' 39lbs
  • charlie and a 32lbs common

jamie with Em's at 44lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/08/2015

The Gigantica Road Lake produced 98 fish last week.

The week started really carpy on Saturday and Sunday with the sky overcast and drizzly, then on Monday temperatures began to creep up towards the low thirties.  On Wednesday the sky became overcast again and temperatures dropped right down to 17 degrees, in August too. By Friday the weather was hot and sunny again.

Dunkerque, The Cage and Billies had to be closed at the beginning of the week due to a hornets nest being found nearby, thankfully the French fire brigade came to deal with the problem. 

Craig Rollings was fishing in Turtles Corner this week and once he was fishing the correct spots he landed a respectable 11 fish considering he reeled in all day and night on Thursday. Craig was using size Korda IQ D rigs with Spicy Active hook bait topped with a 10mm Mainline Pineapple pop up.  Craig was baiting up with 1kg of boilie and 3kg of pellet per day over each of his spots to land him 5 twenties and 5 thirties the largest coming in at 37lbs 7oz. 

Fishing in The Poo and The Goo where Neil Driffill Snr and His son Neil Driffill Jnr. Neil Snr in The Poo was baiting with 2kg of Boilie and 1kg of pellet and landed 10 fish 3 twenties, 4 thirties and a 43lbs common.

Neil Jnr landed 9 fish the largest was a 36lbs 6oz mirror 

Because Dunkerque, The Cage and Billies were closed we re-opened Tea Party 2

Taking advantage of this were mates sticking together Matty Walker and Jamie Jukes, Matty in Tea party 1 was fishing 14 wraps straight out over boilie and pellet using a KD rig, he landed 9 fish, 4 twenties and 4 thirties his largest a 35lbs common on Friday afternoon. Jamie was fishing Tea party 2 10 wraps towards Billies also using KD rigs, Jamie landed 10 fish his largest was Em’s at 44lb on Wednesday morning. 

Fishing in Birches was Darren Taylor.  He was baiting boilie and pellet at 18 wraps straight out in front towards the large tree and landed 9 fish, 4 twenties, 2 thirties and the Northerner at 40lb 12oz on Wednesday morning. Next door in The Brambles was Scott Lockley; Scott was fishing at 20 wraps straight out in front over a gravel bar using boilie and pellet. Using IQ D rigs on Krank hooks helped him catch 14 fish including 7 thirties, nice one. 

Charlie Levy was fishing in The Decoy over an area baited with 2kg of boilie and 5kg of mixed bait during the week. Although Charlie spent a lot of the week with his mates on the Gigantica main lake he still landed 17 fish, with 2 thirties both mirrors one at 35lb but his largest was 38lb on Monday morning. 


Bonne Pêche