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  • Alex with the Wright Fish at 44lbs a new PB
  • luke with The Northerner at 40lbs 4oz
  • Tom with a 28lbs common
  • A 33lbs6oz mirror for liam
  • liam with a 34lbs8oz common
  • jamie and a 35lbs14oz mirror
  • Tom and a 38lbs mirror
  • Liam with the snub nosed at 43lbs6oz
  • sunset over the goo
  • the SWEEEDS and The Wright Fish
  • Ryan with a 34lbs mirror
  • mattias with his PB common

Alex with the Wright Fish at 44lbs a new PB


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 08/08/2015

What another amazing week on the Gigantica Road Lake.

A total of 89 fish were landed this week with three 40s, The Wright Fish at 44lb, the Snub Nosed at 43lb and a brand new 40lb mirror christened The Northerner by the lucky guy who caught it Luke Goodwin. 

The weather started cooler than previous weeks with a little rain in Saturday into Sunday morning, then as the week drew on the temperature rose up to a high of 41 degrees, before cooling back down to around 20 degrees with a little rain on Saturday morning. 

Fishing in Dunkerque and The Cage this week was 2 of our 4 Swedish visitors Alex Nordstrom and Alex Linden.

Alex Linden in The Cage was fishing 15 wraps towards the left of the opposite tree line and was baiting up with 2kg of boilie and 2kg of pellet over a single area where all 3 rods were fished.  Using KD rigs and Cell hookbaits Alex landed 6 fish throughout the week his largest was a 24lb mirror on Tuesday morning.

Alex Nordstrom was in The Cage this week, he was fishing 10 wraps straight out in front of the swim.  Using Gigantica special Banoffee wafters over a bed of boilie and pellet helped Alex to land 9 fish including the biggest of the week The Wright Fish at 44lb on Thursday morning. 

Fishing in Birches, Brambles and Decoy were mates Liam James, Baz Pearce and Tom Peck.  Liam in Birches was using Gigantica special Banoffee and Spicy Active wafters on IQ D rigs over a bed of boilie and pellet.  He was fishing 2 rods straight out in front at 13 wraps and 1 rod to the left towards Turtles Corner.  Liam landed 6 fish, his largest was the Snub Nosed at 43lb 6oz on Friday morning.  Needless to say Liam left a happy angler.  

Baz Pearce was in the Birches this week, he was fishing 17 wraps out in front. Baiting with 2.5kg of boilie and 2.5kg of pellet using a throwing stick and a spomb.  All 3 rods were fished tight together with a Cell snowman on IQ D rigs, landing 3 mirror carp the largest at 32lb 2oz and 5 commons.

Tom Peck was bivvied up in Decoy fishing 18 wraps towards the big round tree.  Using Banoffee wafters, baiting with 3kg of Cell and pellet per day Tom landed 15 fish, the largest a 38lb mirror on Wednesday afternoon with two other 30’s and five 20’s. 

In The Poo and The Goo were our other Swedish visitors Mattias Skog and Kevin Moller.  Mattias in The Poo was fishing Banoffee wafters on IQ D rigs over an area baited daily with 2kg of Activ-8 and 2kg of pellet 11 wraps straight out in front.  He landed 5 fish, with his largest caming on Friday morning, a very welcome 35lb common.  Kevin fishing in The Goo was also using IQ D rigs on the same area as Mattias, landing him a 24lb mirror. 

Luke Goodwin and Jamie Stamper doubled up in The Shingles (scared of the dark maybe).  Luke fishing the right of shingles was using IQ D rigs 17 wraps towards the tallest tree over towards The Goo.  Luke landed a 40lb mirror that had never been caught before on the last morning of his holiday naming it The Northerner, nice one.  

Jamie on the right of The Shingles was using N-Trap Soft on a size 6 Choddy hook with Spicy Active bottom baits topped with fake corn.   Fishing 21 wraps towards Dunkerque over a bed of boilie and pellet landed him 9 fish, 7 twenties and 2 thirties the largest was a 35lb mirror on Tuesday morning. 

Ryan Cresswell was fishing in Turtles Corner having a top week landing 25 fish throughout the week landing 5 thirties, his largest was a 39lb 11oz mirror on Friday morning (having checked on 3 sets of scales.) and 11 twenties.  Ryan was fishing one rod 21 wraps down the tree line baiting by hand from the bank, his other 2 rods were fished to the right at 18 wraps on a hard spot just past an area of silt. 

With the weather all over the place the fish have been a little unpredictable but good anglers have ensured that the catches keep coming. 

With the year marching on we are all looking forward to what other surprises the Gigantica Road Lake will throw our way.  



Bonne Pêche