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  • Scott "Guns" Palmer with The Hammer at 44lbs
  • Darren with 'Twin Patch' at 34lbs
  • Martijn with an 18lbs scaly mirror
  • bumble Bee with a 31lbs mirror
  • Lee with a 32lbs common
  • Graham Beers with a 38lbs common
  • Mathew Harrison with a 31lbs common
  • PB Celebrations
  • Richard with a 32lbs mirror
  • sunset from shingles
  • The Essex boys
  • Scott "Guns" Palmer with Lee's Common 37lbs
  • scott wit a 26lbs common

Scott "Guns" Palmer with The Hammer at 44lbs


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/08/2015

Well what an awesome week on the Gigantica Road Lake this week.

With a group of 6 lads from Essex (all fresh meat to the Gigantica Road Lake).

2 return visitors, Martijn Markwat from Holland and Richard Stansfield from oop north with his mate Scott Greenwood (also a new boy to Gigantica). 

With temperatures climbing as high as 41 degrees this week we all had an excellent summer holiday.  We have closed Tea Party 2 to try to encourage the fish to move around the lake easier and it’s definitely worked with single toners coming out of every ones buzzers all week.   

We had Richard Stansfield returning for the 2nd time this year bivvying up in Dunkerque next door to his mate Scott Greenwood in The Cage.  Scott and Richard fished hard all week baiting Mainline Spicy Active and Gigantica pellet with a spod and throwing stick creating a single bed of bait between them.

Scott landed 2 very pretty 20’s during his trip, a 26lb common and a 20lb mirror.  He was using N-Trap Soft with size 6 Kurv hooks and Banoffee wafters.  Richard was fishing the same area with short 5” rigs on size 4 Krank hooks, also using Gigantica special Banoffee wafters.  Richard managed to land a 32lb mirror on Wednesday morning, nice angling mate. 

Next up we have the first of the Essex boys Matthew “the gentleman” Harrison in Decoy, fishing areas at 12, 1 and 2 o’clock out in front Spodding 3kg of pellet and boilie over his 3 spots every evening.  Matt landed 11 fish, 5-thirties, 1-twentey and 5 doubles, with most of his fish coming at night or early morning. 

In Brambles was our Dutch friend Martijn Markwat visiting for the second time this year.  Well what a week for Martijn, the first fish he landed was a PB mirror weighing 38lb and needless to say he was made up for the week.  Fishing 10 wraps out in front over a 5kg bed of Spicy Active boilies and Gigantica pellets Martijn landed 7 fish over the week including a very pretty 19lb plated mirror, a 27lb mirror and a 20lb mirror. 

Scott “Guns” Palmer the second of the Essex boys was in Birches fishing 3 rods tight together towards Billies.  Baiting with 4kg of boilie and 2kg of pellet per day - half at midday and the other just before dinner.  Guns had 10 fish in the net over the week - 2 doubles, 6 twenties, a common weighing 37lb 12oz and the biggest fish out this week The Hammer at 44lb on Tuesday morning.  Scott was using combi rigs with a size 4 Kaptor Kurv hook. 

The 3rd of the essex boys was Graham Beers choosing to fish Tea Party 1.  What a week Graham had landing 6 fish on traditional bottom bait tactics, fishing 15 wraps towards Turtles over a bed of 6kg of mixed pellet and boilie.  Then halfway through the week, with the weather being so warm, decided to change onto zigs.  Zigs haven’t worked on the Road Lake before but Graham changed all that landing 4 fish on 8ft zigs from Wednesday onwards.  Graham finished the week on 10 fish landing 2 doubles, 4 twenties and 4 thirties his largest was a 38lb mirror. 

Now next up we have the youngest of the lads Chris “Bumble Bee” Thorne, who spent more time swimming in the margins than sitting on the bank.  Bumble Bee was bivvied up in The Poo fishing 12 wraps towards Shingles spoding up with 1.5kg of boilie and 2kg of pellet per day and landed 5 fish from The Poo having 2 twenties and 3 thirties the largest a 34lbs 9oz mirror.  Bumble Bee spent some time in the Slags Bay and landed a few more fish, the largest out of there was a 35lb common on Wednesday afternoon.  He was using a basic hair rig. 

Fishing in the Shingles was Lee “ Essex” Rogers, next door to his cousin Darren Cross.  Lee is the most Essex sounding bloke we have ever met and what a thoroughly nice guy he is.  Lee was fishing 12 wraps straight out in front spoding 5kg of mixed pellet and boilie every lunchtime and toping up with 12 spods after every fish Lee finished the week with 4 doubles and 1 twenty and 3 thirties a 34lb mirror, a 32lb common and his biggest and PB a 36lb common.

Darren Cross was fishing in Single Boards using KD rigs fishing 12 wraps out towards The Goo spoding 5kg of mixed boilie and pellet. Darren landed a pretty 34lb common on Sunday night and had 2 other twenties. 

What a week we all had, every one had a summer holiday to remember and as Lee Rogers said it’s the first trip to France he didn’t want to end.   Everyone has plans to rebook as soon as possible so we look forward to seeing you all again. 



Bonne Pêche