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  • Nic with The Wright Fish at 46lbs!!
  • Nic with The Wright Fish at 46lbs!!
  • Toby with Em's at 41lbs
  • A 33lbs mirror for Toby
  • Toby's 40lbs common
  • Johns 28lbs mirror
  • keiths 35lbs mirror
  • Lee with his 30lbs mirror
  • Morgan with a 32lbs common
  • Gigantica special Banoffee Wafters and IQD rigs nailed most of the fish this week
  • Matt with a pretty 27lbs common
  • A 35lbs mirror for Matt
  • luke and a nice 26lbs 8 oz common
  • luke with a 33lbs 8 oz mirror

Nic with The Wright Fish at 46lbs!!


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/07/2015

Another amazing week on the Gigantica Road Lake with 74 fish landed between 8 anglers. 

Weather this week started damp and overcast creating really carpy conditions; the lake didn’t fail to produce with 27 fish out by Monday evening.  As the week continued the overcast and wet conditions gave way to proper holiday weather, brilliant sunshine and hot temperatures.  But the fishing didn’t fail us with 2 of the biggest fish in the pond coming out to father and son team Nic and Toby Rhodes fishing in The Poo and The Goo. 

Nic and Toby were fishing a large area of mixed boilie and pellet (including our new Spicy Active and Gigantica pellet) together at 10 wraps towards double boards, both fishing one-rod in the middle of the bait, one on the edge and one out to the side off their bait.

Toby was fishing IQ D rigs on size 6 Kaptor Kurvs, changing to size 4 Kaptor Kurvs after loosing a couple of fish to hook pulls.  Using washed out Banoffee wafter hook baits he landed 13 fish throughout the week with his largest coming on Wednesday morning, the very pretty and newly named Em’s at 41lb.

Nic was also fishing IQ D rigs but this time with our new Spicy Active Wafters.  Nic landed the biggest fish of the week on Monday morning at around 7.30, The Wright Fish at an impressive 46lb.

Keith Newton bivvied up in Turtles Corner, fishing 15 wraps towards a white branch on the tree line and 13.5 wraps towards Tea Party 1 baiting with 2kg of pellet and 2kg of Mainlines Cell on both spots using a Spomb.  Keith landed an impressive 15 fish for the week his largest a 35lb mirror

Lee Dunn Chose double boards with his mate Russell Orchard getting into Single Boards.

Lee struggled for the week but saved a blank on Friday night fishing ashort hair rig in a PVA bag 10 wraps towards the fallen trees to his left, at 11pm that night he landed a 30lb mirror snatching victory.  Lee has caught the bug and has already re-booked a space in September.

Russell Orchard in Single Boards was fishing 9 and a half wraps towards the toilet block, using a different rig on each rod but the one he found effective was the Korda ready tied DF carp rig tied on a size 6 Wide Gape.  For hook baits Russell was using our Gigantica special Banoffee wafters to catch 3 fish, his largest being landed at 6am on Tuesday morning was a Personal Best mirror weighing in at 31lb.

Luke Neville and Matt Burn returned to the Road Lake after visiting last year.

The lake didn’t disappoint on their return.  Luke chose Birches and fished 10 and a half wraps towards Billies, using a Spomb baited 1kg of pellet and 2kg of mixed boilie every night.  Using IQ D rigs and Banoffee wafters helped him land 8 fish throughout the week including his largest a 33lb 8oz mirror.

Matt Burn was fishing in Decoy and had a bumper week landing 14 fish; his first was a 36lb common on Saturday night and a 34lb mirror on Friday morning.  Matt was using the ever reliable IQ D rig and Almond Goo’d Gigantica Banoffee wafters.  Matt was fishing 10 wraps straight out in front of the swim over a bed of pellets and boilies, using a Spomb Matt topped up his bed of bait with 1kg of pellet and 2 kg of mixed boilies. 

John was fishing in Tea Party 2, setting up at a leisurely pace, John landed 3 fish from an area 10 wraps towards Shingles over 50kg of Gigantica Pellet.  Johns largest was a 36lb mirror landed just after dinner on Wednesday. 

Young Morgan Bacon was fishing in Billies and was using solid PVA bags and yellow plastic corn hook baits.  Casting towards the large over hanging tree on the right of the swim and 18 wraps straight out in front of the tree he banked 16 fish throughout the week including a 32lb common and a 35lb mirror, both landed in quick succession on Friday morning at around 8am. 

Everyone around the lake agreed that a recent decision to close Tea Party 2 has allowed the fish to move freely between both sides of the lake with the fish showing constantly all over the lake at all times of the day and night.

We all had a great week with everyone catching after a couple of days of grey wet sky’s the weather improved considerably creating a real holiday atmosphere. 

A quick reminder about scales, we no longer provide scales on the road lake so please bring your own. 

The summer has well and truly started now and the fish are hungry.



Bonne Pêche