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  • Jackie with the stunning '3 Scale' 42lb
  • Garry with Toffee's Lin first  time over 40lbs
  • A view towards Billy's
  • Roy with 'chunky' at 39lb
  • Ready tied rigs and Wafters a deadly combination!
  • Just received a delivery of another 100 bags of the new Spicy Active!

Jackie with the stunning '3 Scale' 42lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/06/2015

Well lets just say summer is well and truly here.  The highest recorded temperature for the week was recorded at a staggering forty-one degrees.  With a daily average of thirty-five degrees throughout the whole week the heat was relentless.  Night time temps averaged twenty-four and with hardly any breeze all week sleeping was uncomfortable.  With conditions like this the fishing did suffer a little but even so there where still a good number of fish caught including a couple of 40’s. 

First off this week we had Jackie Eastwood who fished in T2 next to her husband Dave who was in T1.  After trying their luck on the main lake the last couple of years this year they decided on the Road Lake and what a good decision it was.  Jackie finished the week breaking her PB but not just once but twice.  First off with a 31lb common, which unfortunately escaped before the pictures could be taken.  But we will say no more on that one, hey Dave?  Then all her hard work on practicing her casting and learning to Spomb accurately paid off as she landed a stunning mirror of 42lb.  Jackie fished at 10RL towards the Island and baited up with a mixture of boilie and pellets around 3kg per day, either by throwing stick or using a Spomb IQ D rigs and Banoffe wafters where her rig and hookbait of choice. 

Next over in Dunkerque we had Garry who fished along side his wife Zue in The Cage.  Garry managed eight fish for the week, with the best a stunning mirror of 40lb.  This along with 3x30’s the best a 39lb common, also two others weighing 32lb 6oz and 30lb 2oz respectively.  Garry baited up with 5kg of Boilie and 2kg of pellets per day using a catapult and fished two rods straight out at 10Rl with the other to his left at 6RL.  Garry fished a simple bottom bait on a short knotless knot rig made up using a size 4 Wide Gape hook tied to a N-Trap Soft hooklink.  Employing the same tactics as Garry, Zue managed a couple of fish too including new PB, a nice 31lb mirror.                        

In Decoy this week we had Adam.  Adam was first to admit he hadn’t done much carp fishing before and was more of a match angler.  His match angling background of baiting on a little and often basis helped him to land six fish with the best a 25lb common and a new PB as well.  Fishing at 15RL slightly right of the swim as mentioned he feed a mixture of boilie and pellet on a little and often basis either by catapult or Spomb.  Size 6 ready tied DF carp rigs and Banoffe wafters was his rig and hookbait of choice. 

Fishing alongside Jackie we had her husband Dave.  Dave landed a total of 5 fish with the best a common weighing 34lb.  Dave fished at 15RL towards Turtles Corner and again, like Jackie baited with a mixture of boilie and pellets with a Spomb.  

Next over in The Goo and The Poo we had the sun worshipers Paul and Roy.  Everyday when the heat seemed to be getting to everyone else they both could be seen laying out on their bedchairs in the sun and very often before breakfast too.        

As well as a tan they also managed to catch a few fish along the way and between them managed 12 fish with the best a 38lb mirror landed by Roy.  Also between them they managed to land 6x20’s, the best being a common of 29lb.  Both anglers employed the same tactics and fished and baited all their rods in a line at 15RL.  Again baiting with a mixture of boilie and pellet. 

In Brambles this week we had Steve, again another relatively new to carp fishing.  Steve managed 3 fish the best a 25lb mirror.  Fishing at 10RL towards The Cage Steve baited with a mixture of pellet and boilies and fished Ready tied DF carp rigs and Banoffe wafters as hook baits.  

Just a quick mention with the weather being like it is and with the long ranged forecast looking like this hot weather is here for a while can we advise you all to bring along hats and sun cream if your visiting us in the near future.  The mosquitos are around too so Insect replant is also advised but we do sell a limited choice here at the lake.


See you all soon.