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  • A 34.00lb PB common for Colin
  • Stef with a 34.08lbs common
  • Mike with a typical road lake common
  • A 36.00lb mirror for Garath
  • Father and Son water shot!
  • Our Spicy Wafters already doing the business!!
  • Colin returning his PB

A 34.00lb PB common for Colin


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/06/2015

We had two return visitors this week and nine newbies on the Road Lake.  This week our new Gigantica special Spicy Active wafters turned up and all the lads were keen to try out these new hook baits.

With the sun out all week we had many opportunities to capture some amazing water shots for the guys that really was the icing on the cake.

Friends Stef Rodowicz and Colin Hayes jumped in Dunkerque and The Cage sharing a spot 12 and a half wraps out in-between the two of them where they spoded out over 45kg over the course of the week, with a mixture of boilie and pellet soaked in a combination of Mainline syrups.

Stef Rodowicz finished the week as top rod after landing a total of 8 fish spread evenly throughout the week with his largest a 34lb 7oz common coming out on Tuesday morning, a gold star for Stef as he did a tremendous job holding the fish for the photographs.  Stef was fishing IQ D and KD rigs with a combination of Cell or Hybrid wafters along with a Cell and Pineapple snowman set up.

Colin Hayes landed 2 fish, one on Tuesday a 23lb common and one on Thursday a 34lb 12oz common, which was a new PB for Colin so the water shots were a must.

Colin was using IQ D rigs with Hybrid wafters as hook baits on his and Stef’s shared spot.

Father and son team Stephen and Michael Hurst fished next to each other in Brambles and Decoy.

Michael in Decoy was fishing towards a spot in-between him and his dad at 10 wraps, his second rod was also 10 wraps straight out in front with his third rod again 10 wraps towards the right of his swim.  Using 6kg of our new Mainline Spicy Active and 10kg of pellet spoded over his rods through the week Michael landed 8 fish with his largest a 34lb common on Wednesday morning.  He used a combination of IQ D and blow back rigs to great effect during the week.

Michaels father Stephen Hurst was fishing in Brambles, again using 6kg of Spicy Active and 10kg of pellet Stephen landed 2 fish on his and Michaels shared spot with his largest a 33lb common.  Stephen was using IQ D and blow back rigs with Banoffee and Spicy Active wafters as hook baits.

Simon Pretty was fishing in Tea Party 2 casting 17 wraps to the left of the island.  Simon used 30kg of pellet and 15kg of boilie with a snowman on an IQ D rig and landed 2 fish, one on Monday night his largest a 31lb mirror and then a 30lb 4oz fish on Tuesday night.

Simons mate Garath Pritchard started the week in Tea Party 1 but moved into Billies on Wednesday.  Garath baited with 10kg of pellet and 15kg of boilie at 13 wraps towards the large tree in Billies.  Blow back rigs with coconut hookbaits landed him three fish, a 21lb common on Wednesday night, a 36lb common on Thursday and finished with a 36lb mirror on Thursday night.

Dominic Colson chose Turtles Corner fishing 2 rods on the tree line and one out in front at 15 wraps.  Dominic landed 2 fish both on IQ D rigs and Almond wafters.

The first was a 32lbs 6oz with the second being a 27lb, both commons.  He used 20kg of boilie spread over all his spots for the week.

We had a great weeks weather and with every one planning to rebook we are all looking forward to next year.


Until next week.


Bonne Pêche