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  • Dan 40 lbs 8 oz common
  • Our new Gigantica Special Spicy Active wafters
  • Dans 32 lbs 6 oz common
  • The view across towards shingles
  • IQD rig with a banoffee wafter

Dan 40 lbs 8 oz common


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/06/2015

Well after another week with the fish spawning as expected, the fishing was rather slow but as the week progressed and the spawning slowed down bites became more frequent.

Weather for the week remained rather warm with highs of 34 degrees being recorded Wednesday afternoon.  Night time temperatures of around 18 degrees. 

First up this week we had Ben.  Ben decided on Decoy and managed 20 fish for the week, which included 3x30’s all commons with the best being 34lb 8oz.  Ben baited up with a mixture of boilie and pellet putting in a total of 5kg per day spread over all three rods either using a Spomb or a throwing stick.  Rig wise Ben used a 8inch stiff hooklink along with a size 4 Krank hook and a snowman style hookbait. 

Fishing in Turtles Corner this week we had Josh and for the week managed 14 fish, although a lot where small male fish he did manage a stunning common weighing 42lb.  IQ D rigs and our very own Banoffe wafters where Josh's chosen rig and hookbait.  Throughout the week Josh used 20kg of boilie introduced on a little and often basses by the means of a throwing stick. 

Bill Robinson decided on Bachelier’s and for the week managed a very creditable 7 fish, a god result as the fish never really seemed to spend much time in his area only really drifting in at first light.  A common weighing 29lb 4oz being the best.  Bill baited up with a kilo of our new Spicy Active each day using a catapult and fished a snowman style hookbait over the top on a short 6 inch hooklink. 

As mentioned earlier the fish spent the majority of the week spawning which resulted in the fishing being rather difficult, but thats nature and they have to do it sometime.  Come Thursday afternoon they had really slowed down and into Friday they had stopped but unfortunately the lads where unlucky that it had to be there week. 

This week we received our very own Spicy Active wafters from Mainline, which are going to be a real winner.  Now the spawning is over they will really get their heads down and start feeding again. 

Roll on next week.