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  • adi with the lake record common at 45lb 05oz
  • The hammer at 41lb for kristian
  • kristian with 'Big Pecks' at 41lb 6oz
  • a nice 34lb mirror
  • a nice mid 30lb common
  • kristian with a 32lb 06oz mirror
  • Kristian and adi IQ D Rig rig with a hybrid  cork dust wafter hook bait
  • adi with a nice 34lb 06oz mirror
  • Gigantica new spicy active boilies
  • Gigantica hybrid cork dust wafters
  • A view over the lake from T2
  • Rob with a 38lb 08oz mirror
  • ben with a 30lb 05oz common
  • Please can you bring your own scales to Gigantica road lake

adi with the lake record common at 45lb 05oz


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/05/2015

Here we are again with another ten lads on the Road Lake this week and a few of them fished it a few years ago.  They were excited to be back at Gigantica Road Lake. 

A few things have changed since they were here last time; there are 15 swims around the lake a new showers and toilets block on site.  Plus you also get a breakfast roll delivered to your swim every morning at 9am and a evening meal which is served at 5pm round at the lodge on the Main Lake.   You can also order a baguette with a choice of fillings for lunch with a drink, which will be delivered to your swim at 12.30pm.  Also if you would like a nice cold six pack of beers in a cooler box with ice it can be arranged or even if you fancy a nice ice cream we can deliver them too. 

This week its been very hot with temperatures up to 35 degrees but with a nice cool wind coming from the north it kept all the lads nice and cool through out day; the water temperature is at 19 degrees. 

Due to the fish spawning again it wasn't a bad week on the Road Lake with a total of 42 carp being landed with 3x40s to 45lb 5oz and 14x30s to 39lb 8oz with the rest being made up with doubles and 20s. 

It was Kristian Gary in Decoy that landed 24 carp, which including 2x40s to 41lb 8oz, 5x30s to 37lb and 17x20s.  Not a bad weeks fishing and it was his first time fishing in France, good angling mate.  He had all three rods wrapped up at 17rl and spoding out at 4pm every day with 3kg of Gigantica Spicy Active boilies and 1kg of Gigantica 10mm pellet over all three rods.  Then not casting out till after dinner, resting the swim and allowing the carp to move in and feed is a good idea and it was working because he was getting a bite straight away. He would then put six spods out after every fish just to top the baited spot.  He was using the Korda ready tired IQ D rig and the DF rig with a Mainline Hybrid wafter as his hook bait. 

Adi Scuffham in Brambles had the biggest common in the Road Lake.  Now at 45lb 5oz and what a lump it is.  It smashed his PB by 15lb and he also managed 3x30s up to 32lb 3oz.  Adi had two rods wrapped up at 20RL, which were cast towards the tall tree on the far margin and his third rod was wrapped up at 15rl and cast to the left hand side of his swim.  He was baiting up at 4pm every day with 2kg of Mainline Baits Spicy Active boilies and 1kg of Gigantica 10mm pellets.  The Korda ready tired IQ D rigs with a Gigantica Hybrid cork dust wafter doing the job for Adi. 

Jeff in Turtles Corner had 3x30s to 36lb and a double.  He had one rod against the left hand margin and the other two rods cast out 15rl towards the two little islands.  Jeff used 10kg of boilies and 5kg of pellet thoughout the week with a snowman rig baited with Caviar and Cranberry boilies being his choice of hook bait for the week. 

Ben Jakeman was in Billy’s he had three carp to 30lb 5oz.  He used 15kg of Mainline New Grange boilies and 6kg of pellet through out the week.  His first rod was cast 15RL towards the tree line and the other two were cast 17RL straight out where he was using a KD rig with N-Trap Soft of eight inches and a Korda Kurv size six with a Banoffee wafter as a hook bait and a D rig with eight inches of the same rig material tied to again a size six Korda Kurv hook, this time with a spicy active bottom bait and a Gigantica Banoffee white pop up making it into a snowman rig. 

Robert Carton was set up in Dunkerque and he had 3x30s to 39lb 8oz for the week.  All three rods were clipped up at 15RL and they were cast inline with Tea Party 2.  Robert was spoding out 2kg of Mainline Grange boils and 1kg of Gigantica pellets at 4pm every day.  A simple combi rig with a Korda Kurv size six and a Hybrid cork dust wafter doing the job for Rob. 

Terry in The Poo had a nice 27lb common.  Paul in Shingles had a 29lb mirror and Bret in Double Boards had a 22lb common.  

Due to the carp spawning again this week and the really hot weather it made it really difficult for some of the lads to catch. 

Just a quick up date to all those coming to Gigantica Road Lake this year, we no longer supply scales.  So please can you bring your own scales.