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  • Dan 'Big Mac' @ 41lbs and a new PB
  • Dans chosen rig ror the week
  • The view from Bachillers
  • Dans 40lbs mirror
  • the lake from Brambles

Dan 'Big Mac' @ 41lbs and a new PB


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/05/2015

We have had a tough time on the Road Lake this week with the fish grouping up and showing early signs of spawning;  There were still a few fish out though.

The weather stayed consistently warm all week with the temperatures around 25 degrees, the wind on the other hand was veering around all week starting on Sunday with a strong northerly it swung round through the east to a south westerly then veering round to a northerly by Friday afternoon.

Dan Spencer was fishing in Decoy with 1 rod towards the right hand side of the swim and 2 rods straight out in front with boilie and pellet as free offerings.  Using a basic hair rig with a Hybrid boilie and 2 pink grains of pop up corn, Dan landed 6 fish including two 40lb mirrors.

Ben Brown was fishing The Cage next door to his dad Colin Brown in Dunkerque.

Colin landed a small 20lb common early on in the week, taken on his right hand rod and Ben had another small common later on in the week caught straight out in front of him.

Antony in The Poo caught a mid 20lb mirror early on Sunday morning on a spot 10 wraps straight out in front of him.

With the weather warm all week every one had a good time and with fish acting the way they are at the moment the guys done well to catch the fish they did.

The fish are starting to show the early signs of spawning so it wont be long now before the fish get back on the munch and the Road Lake will be back to business as usual.


Bonne Pêche