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  • Steve martin with the lake record common at 44.10lbs
  • Snowman style hook baits and bright toppers are a real winner
  • Lewis with a 37lbs common
  • Rory with a 36lbs mirror
  • The view from Tea party 2
  • alan with Petal at 38lb 4ozs
  • Steve with a 36lbs mirror
  • Lewis with a 34.6lbs common
  • Rory with a 30lbs mirror
  • Alan with a 29lbs common

Steve martin with the lake record common at 44.10lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/05/2015

This weeks weather was changeable from the start with rainy nights and warm sunny days.  A strong easterly wind and temperatures down to 3 degrees, the guys had it all.

Rory Bayliss was in Tea Party 1 fishing two rods at 18 wraps towards the tall tree in the opposite corner over 2kg of pellet and fishing his third rod 10 wraps straight out in front spodding 1 kg of pellet.  Using simple KD tied hair rigs with tiger nut hook baits Rory landed 11 fish with the largest a 36lb 8oz mirror at 7pm Thursday evening.

In Tea Party 2 Alan Liddington was fishing 18 wraps either side of the island using a spod and throwing stick to spread boilie and pellet between all 3 of his marks.  Alan used KD tied to IQ2 on size 4 hooks that caught him 7 fish with his largest being a 38lb PB mirror at 4am Wednesday morning.

Lewis Betly chose to fish the Decoy baiting two areas the first at 13 wraps toward a large tree to the right of the swim with his first rod and his other 2 rods were fished straight out in front at 13 wraps.  Both areas were baited with 3kg of boilie and 2kg of pellet per day.  Lewis was using KD rigs to catch 19 fish the largest was a 41lb 8oz mirror on Monday morning.

In Dunkerque Steve Martin was fishing his left rod 4 wraps off the left hand margin with his middle and right rod fished 15 wraps towards the island, baiting both spots with 2kg of boilie topping up with ½kg after every fish.  Steve landed a total of 12 fish with a 44lb 10oz common his biggest, a new lake record so well done Steve.

Michael Fahny had a week of moving around starting in Billies he finished in the week in Dunkerque.  When in Dunkerque Michael was fishing his left rod 13 wraps towards Decoy with his middle rod 15 wraps towards the two large trees behind Tea Party 2 and finally the right rod 10 wraps towards the island.  All 3 spots were baited with 1kg of pellet and 1kg of boilie.  A size 6 Kurv shank B with a snowman hook bait set up caught him 13 fish in total the largest a 29lb common.

Everyone had a great week with the fishing getting better all the time now. 


Bonne Pêche