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  • Graham with '3 Scale' 42lbs 5oz
  • Ian with Shankx 42lb
  • A typical Road Lake common weighing 37.06lbs
  • Eddie with a 38.08lbs common
  • Simon with 'Toffee's Lin' 38lbs
  • Jonathan had this 31.00lb mirror out of Brambles
  • Ian with a 35.12 mirror part of a brace of 30's!
  • Graham caught consistently all week
  • The new Spicy Active boilie, only available here at Gigantica!
  • The Road Lake carp are loving our new bait!
  • Why not try our very own Gigantica Wafters in combination with the New Spicy Active!
  • A massive 'thank you' to The Tackle Box in Kent for our new nets!

Graham with '3 Scale' 42lbs 5oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/05/2015

Well what a great bunch of lads we had on the Road Lake this week, a special mention must be said for long stay Eddie, what a character and never a dull moment when he’s around.   

Again a typical spring week here, rather unsettled with wind, rain and even the odd bit of sunshine thrown in for good measures.  Maximum temp for the week was a pleasant 20 degrees going down to 9 degrees at night.  A gentle westerly breeze blew for the majority of the week switching to a southerly on Friday afternoon. 

Starting us off this week we had Graham and he was fishing in Tea Party 2, for the week Graham managed a very creditable 15 fish catch. This included some cracking fish the best a brace of 40’s, a common weighing 40lb 2oz and then he topped that with a stunning mirror weighing 42lb 5oz.  Along with this Graham also managed 5x30’s up to 38lb.  Fishing at 23RL tight to the far margin on his left and middle rod and at 20RL on his right hand.  Graham made the effort each day to walk around to the far margin where he baited up with 1.5kg of boilie each day.  Rig wise for the week Graham used IQ D rigs with a snowman style hookbait tied up using 20lb IQ and a size 4 Krank hook. 

In Dunkerque this week we Had Ian.  Ian found the fish straight from the off and on Sunday morning helped himself to a lovely brace.  The first a mirror weighing 35lb 12oz and then a common weighing 35lb 14oz.  Mid week he topped this by landing a PB mirror weighing 40lb 6oz, a very happy chap he was too.  Ian also managed another 5 fish over 30lb with the best being a mirror weighing 36lb 2oz.  Fishing all three rods at 15RL Ian baited up with a mixture of our Gigantica particle mix and boilie using a Spomb.  Simple Knotless knot rigs tied up using Korda Hybrid Soft hooklink and a Size 4 Kurv shank hook fished in conjunction with a standard bottom bait. 

In Brambles this week we had Jonathan and after a difficult start and losing a few fish Jonathan went on the advise of the bailiffs and switched to a shorter rig and a bigger hook and ended up the week with 9 fish with the best a cracking mirror weighing 35lb.  Jon fished all 3 rods at 21RL and spread a mixture of boilie and pellet across his swim and used a total 0f 20kg for the week.  His rig choice for the week was a blow back rig tied up on a Longshank hook and 20lb N-Trap Soft. 

Not to be out done by his mate Graham, Eddie set up in Tea Party 2 helped himself to a fine brace of 30’s with the best a common weighing 38lb.  With the help of Graham, Eddie fished at 15RL towards the far bank and baited with a mixture of boilie and pellets.  Eddies rig for the week was what he called his special donkey choker rig which consisted of two 20mm bottom baits tied up on a size 4 Krank hook and what Eddie described as a proper mouthful. 

Other noticeable catches for the week included Simon who after setting up in Shingles noticed a few fish showing in front of Single Boards as there was no angling pressure down this end and a quick day session resulted in him catching a PB mirror of 38lb.  A Banoffee wafter cast to where the fish where showing was all that was needed and just goes to show that location is the key.

This week was also the official launch of our very own bait from Mainline.  We have called this Spicy Active and as the name suggests it is a variation of the original Activ-8 which needs no introduction and without doubt will be a massive seller her at Gigantica.  During the autumn of 2014 the bailiffs were lucky enough to try out this amazing bait and the results where certainly impressive.  Fished in conjunction with the Gigantica wafters this is sure to be a real winner throughout the season. 

And finally a special mention and big thank you must go to The Tackle Box at Dartford, who for this season have very kindly sponsored us with our landing lets for both the Main and the Road Lake.  For a couple of seasons now we have been looking for a net that is light weight but yet strong and robust and The Tackle Box have certainly come up trumps yet again.