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  • Sean with a 38lb Road Lake mirror
  • A cracking Road Lake common from The Wall 37.06lbs
  • Ross with a 33.00lbs mirror
  • Seve with a Road Lake common
  • A 33.00lbs mirror

Sean with a 38lb Road Lake mirror


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/04/2015

It’s been a rather unsettled week, turning cooler and wetter as the week went on.


We had nine anglers on this week and despite the horrible weather conditions spirits remained high all week and a few fish also got caught.  The water temperature remains around 14 degrees.


Overall, it was a hard week on the Road Lake but the lads persevered which resulted in them catching a few nice fish.  Small amounts of bait fished quite tight on a small area seemed to be the key to getting a few bites at the moment.


In Decoy this week we had Sean.  Sean had a total of 22 fish for the week and this included 5x30's (the best a 38lb 2oz mirror) as well as a stunning common weighing 37lb 7oz.  Fishing at 25 rod lengths towards the far bank Sean fished an IQ D rig with a critically balanced hook bait made up using half a Cell boilie and a yellow Pineapple pop-up.  Spoding a mixture of our particle mix and choped and whole boilies kept the fishing guessing and Sean topped up his swim with a kilo of the mix after every fish.


In Dunkerque this week we had Scott, who took a haul of 17 fish for the week, but was very unlucky not to connect with some of the bigger Road Lake residents.  He did manage 2x30's, the biggest a common weighing 33lb 2oz.  Fishing all three rods at 10 rod length Scott baited up with a mixture of maize and boilie and fished a snowman hook bait over the top with either a white or pink pop-up.


Fishing in Brambles this week we had Neil, who ended the week with a rather impressive 22 fish catch. This included 3x30's with the biggest being a mirror weighing 37lb as well as other mirrors of 36lb 6oz and 31lb 4oz. 


Again, spoding a mixture of our own Gigantica particle mix and Cell and Hybrid boilie was the successful combination.  Rig-wise, simple IQ rigs fished snowman-style with pop-ups soaked in Squid Supreme Goo did the business.  Neil fished at 15 rod lengths and baited on a little-and-often basis with a couple of spods every few hours.


Fishing in Tea Party 2 this week we had Ross, and after a slow start he managed to get amongst them and was rewarded with a brace of 30's, with the best a 33lb common.  Ross fished at 20 rod lengths towards the over-hanging tree and baited with a mixture of corn and chopped boilie by hand.


Adam Shaw started the week in Birches where he picked up a few fish early in the week before deciding on a move to Bachelier’s after seeing a few fish showing going into dusk.  He ended the week with a very creditable ten fish, the best a 23lb mirror.  Adam fished at 15 rod lengths and found spreading boilies over a large area using a throwing stick got him bites.


Over in Billy’s we had Richard and for the week Richard managed eight fish with the best a 33lb 12oz common, as well as another mirror weighing 33lb 8oz.  Fishing at 13.5 rod lengths, Richard fished with small PVA bags and short five-inch hook links over a mixture of pellet and choped boilie.


In Tea Party 1 this week we had Shaun Hunt, who managed five fish for the week, this including 3x30's the best being a 36lb 8oz mirror followed by a common of 33lb and another mirror weighing 31lb.  All of Shaun’s fish were caught on an IQ D rig and a Banoffee wafter over 2kg of Cell boilies.


Hopefully next week will bring a change in the weather.