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  • paul with 'Unnamed Common' 41lbs
  • Adam with 'Toffee's Lin' 39lbs
  • ben's 29lbs mirror
  • paul's hinged stiff rig
  • steve with a 28lbs common

paul with 'Unnamed Common' 41lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 18/04/2015

Saturday brought a strong wind from the southeast and bright blue sky’s for the new guys.  Air temps at 18 degrees and water temps around 12 degrees .

At 8pm Saturday night Dean in Dunkerque lost one, then Richard next door in The Cage landed a 37lb mirror on a combi rig with a pink pop up and followed this up with a 28lb mirror early Sunday morning.

Sunday morning the south easterly wind was still blowing strong with temperatures still hanging on in the 20s.

Steve caught a pretty 20lb common in Tea Party 2.

At 1830 Ben in Single Boards landed a 27lb mirror on a Hybrid bottom bait.

Monday morning and the wind was calming and the temperature was very warm.  Paul in Turtles Corner landed a 32lb mirror off the tree line at 16 wraps out towards an overhanging tree on a helicopter hinge stiff rig with a tiger nut pop up.

Richard in The Cage was in again, hooking into 2 fish on Monday morning landing two 19lb mirrors.

Tuesday and the wind has totally died away now Paul in Turtles Corner landed a stunning 41lb common using the same methods as before.

Adam in Double Boards had a 23lb mirror on an IQ D rig using a Cell wafter topped with 1 grain of yellow slow sinking corn.

James in Decoy landed a pretty little 14lb mirror at 10 wraps on a blow back rig with a tiger nut boilie.

On Wednesday Dave who was on Birches had a day in The Wall and landed 3 carp the biggest a 32lb mirror.  Lee next door in The Slags had a great day landing 2 fish the biggest also being a 32lb fish.

Thursday and the temperatures are still up in the high 20's, James had 2 mirrors at 28lb and 30lb.

Friday and Adam had a PB out with a very pretty mirror weighing 38lb.

Ben also had a special fish landing a 29lb mirror on his own rig a first for him.  Well done mate, keep at it.

A good week for all with the Road Lake coming into form now.



Bonne Pêche