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  • shaun with a 38lb mirror
  • mark with a 37.8lb mirror
  • riley with a 33.8lb mirror
  • mick with a 33lb mirror
  • james 30.8lb mirror
  • mick with a 32.8lb mirror
  • mark with his 37.8lb mirror
  • shaun with a 28lb common
  • keith with a 25lb common
  • shaun with a 25.8lb mirror
  • fluorocarbon d rig banoffee wafter
  • fluorocarbon d rig hybrid wafter
  • n trape soft  kd style with pineapple wafter

shaun with a 38lb mirror


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/04/2015

Sunday 5

The wind was blowing from the east making it feel very cold daytime temperature was 12 degrees going down to only 1 degrees at night.  There was even frost on the mats in the morning.
Water temperature was at 9 degrees.  Craig in Tea Party 2 had the only fish a 16lb mirror, he was fishing the far margin he was using Hybrid boilies and Gigantica particle mix and Gigantica pellets all mixed in a bucket then he was spoding it out to his spot.  With a Hybrid wafter as hook bait on a fluorocarbon hook length with a size 4 Korda Kurv hook it was a slow start to the week.
Monday 6 
Riley in Bacheliers had a 21lb common at first light fishing to the left had margin.  He was using our party mix with a single grain of plastic corn on a N-T
rap Soft hook link with a size 6 B Kurv hook.  The wind was still blowing from the east but the sun was out with temperatures up to 14 degrees.
Tuesday 7
It was Riley first to catch in Bacheliers he had a 33lb mirror at 1 am this morning from the left hand margin rod. Again on the plastic corn fishing over our Gigantica particle mix and mainline hybrid boilies,The Wind is still coming from the east. Daytime temperature went up to 16 degrees today with water temperatures still at 9 degrees. Craig moved down to Slags Bay for the day and had 2 doubles.  Again using the Gigantica particle mix with plastic corn doing the business again.
Wednesday 8 
The sun was up and it's going be a nice day. Temperatures are getting up to 18 degrees today and the lads are all getting a nice tan.  There was some red faces this moring, don’t forget your sun cream. 
 First off the mark was Martin fishing in Decoy, he had a cracking 33lb common Tuesday night.  Fishing 17.5 RL straight out he had it on the Korda IB slow sinking plastic maze on a fluorocarbon D rig over a bed of Gigantica partical mix. 
Then James in Tea Party 1 moved up to the Slags at first light just taking one rod and had three carp a 10lb 8oz common, 17lb 8oz mirror and a PB mirror of 30lb 8oz.  All on a Hybrid and Krill snowman hook bait with a N-Trap Soft hook link over a bed of Gigantica particle mix and 1kg of Mainline Hybrid boilies and Gigantica pellet.  Which can all be purchased at Gigantica. 
Thursday 9 
Mick moved into Single Boards after tea last night and straight away he had a 32lb 8oz mirror fished to the right hand margin on a pineapple wafter from Sticky Baits and a N-trap Soft hook link with a Korda Kurv size 6 B hook, blow back stile.  With about 1 kg of Gigantica particle mix.  Then after breakfast he went down to The Slags and fished the right hand margin and had a 16lb 8oz mirror then a cracking 33lb mirror.  He was using the same rig and bait.
Shaun also went down to the Slags, he had a 25lb 8oz mirror, 21lb common, 19lb mirror and to top it of a beauty at 38lb biggest of week so far. 
Keith also in his group went down to the Slags and he had a 20lb 8oz common, 18lb mirror and a cracking 31lb common.  He was on the same hook bait and rig.  They were all sharing takes as you can only use one rod each down in slags as there are a lot of snags. 
Mark in Dunkerque had a cracking fish this morning a beauty at 37lb 8oz and it come straight out at about 15RL he was using Hybrid boilies with 25 free offerings he was using fluorocarbon hook link D rig style and a size 4 Kurv B hook, with a Hybrid wafter toped with a grain of yellow plastic corn. 
Craig all so moved he went into Billy's and he had a 19lb common and lost one, the combi rig done it for Craig with a Sent from Hell pop up hook bait fished over the Gigantica particle mix.  Fishing to right hand margin. 
The weather today has been up to 22 degrees blue skies and no wind water temp is at 9 degrees.  All the boys have burnt faces at tea.  Make sure you bring a hat and sun cream.
We now bring a selection of ice cold drinks around at lunchtime to have with your rolls, which you can order in the morning when we drop the breakfast roll of at your swim. What more could you ask for.
Friday 10 
The sun was out again with temperatures at 22 degrees today but it still fell to 0 degrees last night. The wind was blowing from the west.
Water temperature was up to 10 degrees.
First on the board today was Keith down in the Slags with a 24lb 8oz mirror and a 25lb common.  Then Shaun with a 28lb mirror, 25lb mirror and a 19lb 8oz common.  Mick had a 18lb 8oz common.  They were using pineapple wafter hook baits over Gigantica particle mix.

That’s its for this week, we had some cracking fish out this week and there were PB broken and some happy anglers.   Just like to thank all the lads this week it was nice to meet you all, hope to see you next year.

Tight lines

Team Gigantica