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  • Matt with 'The Carp Academy Common' at 36lbs
  • mat with a 26lbs mirror
  • N trap semi stiff KD with 3 fake food slow sinking maize
  • kenny with 14lbs common
  • mat with a 17lbs common
  • Simple hook baits are all thats needed on the Gigantica Road lake
  • wayne with a 15lbs scaly mirror
  • kenny with a 36lbs mirror
  • duncan with a 34lbs mirror
  • jim with a 26lbs mirror
  • mat with a 30 lbs mirror

Matt with 'The Carp Academy Common' at 36lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/03/2015

The first week on the road lake and it was a week for moving around.

The week started off wet and windy for the first day with Saturdays temperature only at 8 degrees going down to 4 degrees at night, the wind was coming from the west at the start of the week turning to a south westerly. 

The fish were quick to start with the first out for Matt in Tea Party 1 at 11:45 on Saturday night with a 26lb mirror, caught on a snowman with 10 spods of boilie crumb and parti mix spread around the trap.

At 8am on Sunday morning Kenny in Bachillers had a 14lb common fishing 18 wraps towards the left hand margin on an Atlantic Heat bottom bait topped off with a pineapple pop up.  Kenny baited up a third of a kilo of boilie and maize from the road side margin using a catapult 2 rod lengths off the bank. 

1am on an very wet and windy Monday morning and Jim in Brambles had a 26lb mirror on a KD rig baited with 3 pieces of IB slow sinking maize at 20 wraps straight out in front of him.   Baiting with 3kg of chopped boilies mixed with Mainline Banoffee syrup.  Then at 1000 Duncan in Tea Party 2 had a 17lb common just as the day was starting to warm up with a reasonable breeze from the west on an 18mm Crunchy Nut Cream boilie topped with a grain of pop up sweetcorn.  Duncan’s trap was set at 22 wraps towards the overhanging tree.

Dan’s move from Dunkerque to Turtles Corner proved to be the right thing to do as he hooked into a 34lb mirror at 8pm, fishing 21 wraps towards the overhanging tree on a Crunchy Nut Cream snowman using 1kg of grounbait balls mixed with chick peas, boilies and parti mix. 

On Tuesday morning Kenny in Bachillers landed a 36lb mirror and lost one.   While at 8am Matt in Birches landed a 26lb mirror on the 10 wrap gravel bar using a KD rigged nut based bottom bait snowman topped with a Milky Toffee pop up.

Duncan caught a 14lb common on Tuesday afternoon using all the same tactics as before, then that night Duncan hooked into another carp this time on a Banoffee pop up soaked in Corn Twist Goo. 

Wednesday morning and it was now Matt's turn who was fishing in The Poo.  Matt landed a 18lb mirror on an N-Trap Semi Stiff size 4 Krank using a Cell pop up soaked in Garlic Goo.  After a move from The Goo to Billies, Wayne hooked into a 18lb mirror 10 mins after returning from dinner then at 2am Thursday morning he landed another mirror, this time weighing 25lb.

On Thursday morning Matt who moved from Birches into Dunkerque landed a 31lb common, a fish he had been wanting for a long time. 

Thursday lunchtime and Jim landed a 26lb mirror.

No more fish were landed on Thursday as everyone went down the bar to sink a few beers. 

Early Friday morning Matt in Dunkerque landed cracking 37lb mirror then at breakfast landed another mirror, this time a very pretty one weighing 34lb.  While Matt in The Poo caught a 20lb mirror.

The week finished off with Wayne catching a 25lb mirror on Friday night.

Awesome week fella's, come back soon.


Bonne Pêche