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  • Kevin with "Em's" 40lb 6oz
  • Dave with 'The Harrier' 38lb 8oz
  • Bullet with 'Lee's Common' 39lb 14oz
  • A typical chunky road lake mirror
  • 38lb Toffee's Lin
  • A new PB for Chris!!
  • A 32.00lb Road Lake mirror
  • Dave with a 35.00lb mirror
  • Matthew with a 38.00lb mirror

Kevin with "Em's" 40lb 6oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/10/2014

As the season is all but over the Road Lake is still producing the goods.  Anglers that seem to be spreading the bait and feeding little but often seems to be what the carp want. 

First up this week is the man himself and the trip organizer Bullet.  Deciding on The Cage, Bullet fished 3 rods at eight wraps out and baited with boilies using a baiting spoon with between 2-3kg per fish baiting over a big area.  Bullets best for the week was a mint common weighing 39lb 15oz, this was part of a 13 fish catch for him.   All caught on IQ ‘D’ rigs and wafter hook baits. 

Fishing in Billy’s this week we had Chris.  Chris fished all 3 rods at nine rod lengths and baited with 4kg of boilies per day over all 3 rods, using either a catapult or a throwing stick.  Chris fished IQ ‘D’ rigs with krill wafters over the top.  Chris’s best for the week was a common weighing 30lb 8oz, this was also a PB as well.  For the week Chris ended up with a total of eight fish to his name as well as losing a few due to hook pulls.

Next up in Brambles we had Matt.  Matt fished at 20RL into open water and again baited up with Hybrid boilies using a throwing stick. Simple knotless knot hair rigs and Hybrid bottom baits where enough to earn Matt a 12 fish catch, the best being a 38lb 14oz mirror.

Fishing this week in The Cage we had Dave.  Dave suffered a bad start to the week, firstly leaving his bivvy at home and then losing a Rod. But enough said about that.  Dave managed to end the week with 11 fish, the best a brace of 38lb mirrors.  Along with this Dave also had another five fish over 30lbs.  Baiting up with either a catapult or a baiting spoon at eight rod lenghts.  Combi rigs and simple bottom baits was Daves rigs and hookbait of choice.

This week in Turtles Corner we had Kevin.  Kevin managed ten fish for the week, the best was a mirror weighing 40lb 6oz as well as two other mirrors weighing over 35lbs.  All of his bites came early morning or through the night.  Hinged stiff rigs and multi rigs where his preferred rigs of choice and bright pop-ups scoring well for him.  Kevin baited up using a spomb or throwing stick introducing around 1kg of bait per rod, per day.

In Tea Party 1 this week we had Matthew, fishing two rods at 21RL alongside the island and the other rod at 22RL into open water.  Matthew managed 13 fish for the week with the best being a 38lb mirror.  Again like many fishing used 1kg of bait over each rod per day, this seemed to be enough to keep the carp interested.

Well another week over.  How time flies out here.  A cracking bunch of lads and a great week had by all. We hope to see you all again next year.

Many thanks