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  • Mike with 'Lee's Common'
  • 'Frankie' 41lb 8oz for Bruce
  • A 35.00lb mirror for Dave
  • 40.09lb

Mike with 'Lee's Common'


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/09/2014

Well what a week over on the Road Lake this week.  With a total of 102 fish out this week, the lads where kept very busy.  A new Lake record of 51lb 14oz was also caught, find out more on this below.

First off fishing in Turtles this week we had Richard.  Richard managed himself 29 fish for the week, the best being a mirror at 51lb14oz and a NEW LAKE RECORD.  Along with this Rich had seven other fish over 30lb, with the best being another mirror weighing 39lb.  Fishing all three rods into open water Richard rested his swim during the day and baited up with 4-5 kilo of Hybrid each morning and used around 30kg for the week.  Baiting up with a throwing stick.  Rig wise Richard was using IQ ‘D’ rigs fished with a Hybrid wafter.  What a week well done mate.

Fishing in Dunkerque this week we had Dave.  Dave also managed 29 fish for the week with his best being a 37lb 15oz common, along with this Dave had another 11 fish over 30lb.  With a lot of them being around the 35lb mark.  Fishing at 18RL towards the island and baiting with a kilo of Hybrid per day per rod, and then half a kilo after every fish was enough for Dave to keep the fish interested.  Blowback rigs on a size six Wide Gape hook was Dave’s rigs of choice along with a dumbell hookbait.

In Decoy this week was Tim and after a slow start Tim really managed to get into the swing of things.  Ending up with 13 fish, this was a good reward for his week.  Tim’s best for the week was a 44lb 4oz common.  Baiting with around 6kg of boilie per day and fished blow back rigs with a balanced hookbait over the top.  It seemed by the end of the week the more bait he put in the more bites he had, and on Thursday night Tim managed to land a total of 5 fish in one night. 

Fishing in Bacheliers this week we had Michael and although Michael didn’t manage loads of bites, the fish he landed where of a larger stamp.  His best for the week was a brace of 40’s with the best a common of 42lb 12oz along with a mirror of 40lb 9oz.  Fishing at 7RL and baiting up using a catapult with 2kg of CCMoore Live System boilies then fishing a balanced hookbait over the top.

Well that’s it for another week, with Heinz going over 50lb's I truly expect the Wright Fish to not be far behind.  The future sure looks bright for the Road Lake.