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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/09/2014

With over 80 bites this week between six anglers it was fair to say everyone had some sport.  With daytime temperatures up to 28 degrees with the nights down to 11 degrees bites were coming at all times.  

Firstly in Shingles we had Kevin.  Kevin fished at 15RL towards the lodge and baited with 2kg of a mixture of pellet and chopped and whole Hybrid boilies, baiting up after each fish.  For the week Kevin had ten fish with the best a 34lb mirror.

Fishing in Tea Part 2 we had Robin.  Robin had 11 fish for the week, the best a 38lb mirror, which was also a PB for him.  Fishing at 15 wraps towards the island and at 20 wraps into open water Robin fed a combination of Hybrid boilies, pellets and particles then fished a snowman hookbait on a KD rig or with a Hybrid wafter.

Fishing next to Robin in Tea Party 1 was Davie.  Fishing at 15RL into open water Davie caught nine fish for the week with the best a mirror weighing 37lb.  Again like Robin, a snowman hookbait on a KD rig or a Hybrid wafter caught Davie his fish.

Over in Dunkerque this week we had Richard.  Richard fished two rods at 9RL into open water and the other rod off the left hand margin. Baiting with a combination of crushed Hybrid and pellets using a spomb, Richard baited up twice a day with around 2kg.  Short four inch hook links to the new Krank hooks was Richards rig of choice.  For the week Richard caught 13 fish with the best a common of 34lb.

In Brambles we had Lee.  Lee had a total of 20 fish for the week, the best a 39lb mirror.  Along with this he also had another 8 fish over 30lb's.  Fishing at 20RL into open water and baiting heavily with Hybrid boilies using a throwing stick Lee was able to keep the fish in his swim and picked up bites regular.  Simple knotless knot rigs tied up using a size four Wide Gape and Hybrid Stiff braid was all that was needed for Lee’s 20 fish catch.

Well as another week passes.


See you soon


Mike and Steve