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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/09/2014

As always the Road Lake has been in fine form of late and this week was no exception.   Plenty of action all around, and those who where prepared to work hard and bait often where the ones that reaped the rewards.  Remember, effort equals reward.

First off in The Poo we had Scott.  Scott fished at 15RL straight out and baited with Mainline Hybrid using a throwing stick.  Hook baits where either a snowman or a double Hybrid bottom bait.  For the week Scott had a number of fish with over 10 x 30’s and 2 x 40’s, the best a 42lb mirror.

Next we had Ash fishing in Dunkerque.  Ash had a total of 11 fish for the week, the best a 37lb mirror.  All of his rods where fished at 18RL towards the island with the baiting little and often approach.  Rig wise Ash was using ‘D’ rigs with a bottom bait tipped with a fake piece of corn.

Over in Shingles we had Matthew, who had a total of 13 fish for the week.  The best a 32lb 8oz mirror, all coming from his left hand margin at five rod lengths.  Matthew baited with a kilo of boilies per fish and used a snowman hookbait over the top of this to catch his fish.

Over in Billy’s this week we had Adey.  Adey had a total of eight fish for the week, with half being over 30lb.  The best a common weighing in at 33lb.  Adey fished at 18 and 19 RL towards the over hanging tree and baited with a mixture of Mainline Hybrid and Cell boilies along with a few pellets, feeding his spots twice a day.  A Hybrid wafter and an IQ D rig doing the business for Adey.  

Finally fishing in Tea Party 1 we had Garry.  Garry fished at 15 RL towards the over hanging tree and baited with a mixture of Hybrid and pellets using a spomb.  Garry’s catch for the week consisted of 13 fish with 8 x 30’s, the best a common weighing 38lb.  Again Hybrid wafters fished on a ‘D‘ rig was his rig a hookbait of choice.

Just a quick note, If you are taking your pictures on phones can you please email us the pictures to add to the catch reports. 

Many Thanks.  


Well another week has passed us by.  Until next time, tight lines.


Mike and Steve