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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/09/2014

With eight anglers on the Road Lake this week and with a good draw taken place, anglers deciding to spread themselves out around the lake to keep the fish moving.

Weather for the week looked good with highs of 27 degrees the fishing was sure to be good.

Fishing in Tea Party 2 this week we had a guy called Tim Collier, an ex-full time rugby player.  A massive bloke who made everyone else look small.

After deciding to fish next to his dad Dave in Tea Party 1, Tim took several fish for the week with the best a 41lb mirror.  Tim fished out towards the small island and baited every evening with a mixture of pellets and Live System boilies.  Snowman hook baits seemed to be working well for Tim.

Also fishing as a pair this week we had John (Snr) and John (Jnr).  After deciding on fishing The Cage and Dunkerque, both employing the same tactics of fishing over a spread of bait soon got the carp on the feed for them.  In fact the first three fish John (Jnr) had where all PB’s.  The best being a 35lb mirror along with another six differetn 30’s made him a happy chap.

Fishing in Decoy This week we had Dom.  Dom fished at 20RL towards the bay and baited with a mixture of whole and chopped Hybrid boilies.  Dom finished the week with 22 fish, the best a brace of mirrors weighing 44lb's.  As well as another eight over 30lb.  All Dom’s fish came to IQ D rigs fished with balanced bottom baits.

In Brambles this week we had Marco.  Marco fished at 20RL towards the double tree, baiting again with a mixture of whole and chopped Hybrid boilies Marco ended the week on 17 fish the best a mirror of 38lb.  Marco also managed five different 30’s.

With very few people returning their catch repots, I’m afraid this is all the information we have for you this week.

The carp seem to be getting ready for a big feed up before winter so my advice to you would be to bring plenty of bait and keep feeding them.